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Weak Recap: Solo style

Mouthful of metal

Hey, it’s another Sunday, and you know what that means, time for your favorite weekly interview. The one we do with each other.

Except, you’re not getting one.

Apparently, other people at Dose of Metal obviously have this thing called “life” and they’re too busy with their “girlfriends.” You know where that leaves me? Same place I was last week — alone in the room, wishing I had enough money to buy myself a plastic one.

I’m just kidding, blow up dolls are for pussies, real men pleasure themselves. And by that, I don’t mean I can reach my penis with my mouth. I just make the best use of my hands. Speaking of my hands and wonderful results, make the jump to read my solo recap.


Devolved lose guitarist. Awww.

I’m not gonna pretend I care, nor am I gonna pretend I’ve actually heard of Devolved, but apparently they lost their old guitar player. Here’s a statement issued by drummer John Sankey:

After the recording of the last Devolved album, Oblivion, guitarist Brett Noordin took some time off back in our homeland of Australia and will not be returning to Los Angeles to continue as part of Devolved. It is an amicable decision and I wish Brett all the best with any future musical endeavors. His involvement with the band and dedication over the years is greatly valued.

Oh… Okay… You wouldn’t happen to have a replacement for him, would you?

I have since been working on brand new Devolved material with guitarist Mark Hawkins from Florida-based band Robots Pulling Levers. Mark is an exceptional guitar player who definitely enables us to take the band’s sound far beyond anything we have done before.

Full article here.

Cool. Well I guess that settles it.

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