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Devildriver Beast their way into US top 50

Devildriver, my favorite Christian Metal band (because they drive devils, duh), have managed to crack the US top 50 this week, with their brand new album, Beast.

Beast is an absolute beast of an album, and has sold 11,000 copies in the US in its first week, getting to number 42 in the charts. That may not seem a lot, but I guess it is in this day and age, especially for a Metal band that isn’t Metallica, Slipknot or Iron Maiden. More information on the album can be found here.

Now if you excuse me, I’m off to unwrap my 11,000 copies of Devildriver‘s new album.


Bands still like streams

Want to hear some new music for free, and not have to commit to actually hitting a download button? Great news then, because lots of bands have been offering their music free for streaming recently (as like 99% of bands have been doing for years anyways).

Amon Amarth, which you should know by now, are awesome, have released another new song. Slaves of Fear can be heard here. It’s so awesome, that I just ditched my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, so I can listen to this on repeat for the next 7 hours.

If that’s a little too awesome for you though (how many times am I going to say ‘awesome’ in this post?), then try something a little softer instead. Becoming the Archetype (yes, “who?” indeed) have released a new song, The Magnetic Sky online for streaming. Check it out here.

Finally, Devildriver have also released a new song for streaming. You Make me Sick (which also happens to be the words I uttered to my now ex-girlfriend today when I ditched her to listen to Metal instead) can be heard here.


New videos and free music round up


The title makes it sound like I’m going to provide for all your musical needs for at least a month, but it’s really just one song and a few videos. Well, you’re here, so… Make the jump and download the full Cavalera Conspiracy track, watch the video for “Better Man” by Hellyeah, “Ad Mortem” by Famine, or just scroll down and watch the best of the bunch, DevilDriver’s “Dead To Rights.”


Are you ready for the new shit?

Cavalera Conspiracy

Did I just quote Marilyn Manson in the post title? Let me redeem myself from the fact that I know that with some metal.

Cavalera Conspiracy have posted a 30 second teaser of a new song. A teaser for a song, come on. But they’ve promised a free download next week, so it’s okay.

We’ve already written about DevilDriver posting new stuff, refresh your memory here.

Protest The Hero have posted their first single from the upcoming album online, called “C’est La Vie” online. C’est La opportunity and listen to it.

And finally, Darkest Hour have also figured out how to use the internet.


Devildriver want you to hear another song

On January 11th,  we reported that Devildriver released a new song and boring artwork for their upcoming new album “Beast.” Fast forward couple weeks later and the guys decided to release another free song, this time through the official website from a magazine that’s only interesting when they release these type of issues.

Anyway, the title of the new Devildriver song is “Bring The Fight (To The Floor)“.  You can listen to it and read a quick interview with the band here

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