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Clever title, right? Blow me. Let’s talk some headlines, yo:

Slipknot (pictured above) played their first headlining show without Paul Gray two days ago in Berlin. What’s interesting about this performance is that they got their old red suits and old masks for it. Nostalgia alert, if you ever liked them. Make the jump to see a few badly shot videos of the gig. Or don’t. See if I care.

We’ve talked before about Queensrÿche, the band that has two dots over the y, making me go to Wikipedia so I can copy it and paste it here. Their drummer, Marko Syrjälä (argh, here we go again with those dots), talked about the new album and a bunch of other stuff in this interview. Their guitarist,  Mike Wilton, also talked about the new album, but in a statement on their official site. Apparently he’s 100% behind the new record. Gee, what a surprise.

Katatonia have released a free iPhone app. It’s called ‘Katatonia’ (go figure) and you can get it here. The great thing about it is that it lists all the band’s tour dates, so you know which cities to avoid and when. Awesome.

Bruce Dickinson’s son also has a band. And that band will release their debut album in September. Gee, I wonder if who his daddy is played a part in them getting a record deal. Doubtful. In the music industry, it’s not whom you know, it’s simply about talent. Haha,  I crack myself up. Anyways, band is called Rise To Remain, album is called City Of Vultures and you can watch the video of their debut single after the jump.

Machine Head will tour Europe with Bring Me The Horizon, Devildriver and Darkest Hour later this year. In other equally interesting news, I spilled mustard on my favorite shirt today. Dates after the jump.



Clever title right? Ok, no, it sucks right? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll live. I won’t cry myself to sleep, I promise.

So what’s the story about? Well, it seems Devildriver have begun recording a cover of Metallica‘s ‘Holier Than Thou’ for a 20th-anniversary tribute to The Black album. Video footage from the sessions can be viewed by clicking the link, courtesy of Blabbermouth, who in turn probably borrowed it from the band.


Learn to kick as much ass as Devildriver

We all know that Devildriver kick ass, but I bet you’re wondering just how you can learn to kick as much ass as Devildriver, am I right?

Well consider this your lucky day. Today will be your greatest day yet (if you’re reading this site I’m going to presume you haven’t lost your virginity yet – I know I haven’t), because All Axess has posted a new video guitar lesson featuring the band’s two guitarists, Mike Spreitzer and Jeff Kendrick, teaching you how to play the Devildriver song ‘End Of The Line’ and you can check out the video above.


Devildriver kick ass!

Devildriver kick ass! Not only have they been producing ass kicking music for the best part of a decade now, but now I can stare at beautiful ass kicking Devildriver branded asses whilst listening to Devildriver branded ass kicking music, thanks to the above photo. How can life get any sweeter than this? Well ok, maybe if I had a girlfriend so I wouldn’t get so excited by the sight of the slightest bit of flesh 🙁 It would save me a ton on tissues too…

Click play below for a surprise Devildriver anthem. Go on, guess what it’s going to be…


Today’s Headlines

Today I feel like a tampon; I’m in a great place, but at a bad time. Why? Well, I’m in a great place because here I am writing for the best damn Metal site around, Dose of Metal. However, it’s a bad time for Metal news today, because there is fuck all going on. Fuck all good anyways.

First off, the chick from Within Temptation has apparently given birth. Why in God’s name would I care?I don’t, so moving on..

Second, Korn have gone Dubstep or something even lamer than they were previously. We’ve already reported on this, but I’m unoriginal like that.

Thirdly, Devildriver are awesome, so it is sad to hear that their bassist, Jonathan Miller, has left the band. His full statement can be read here.

Lastly, unfortunately Crowbar have had to pull out of Germany’s Summer Breeze festival, due to a death in the band’s closer circle which has forced them to change their plans for July and August. We wish the band the best of luck and our thoughts are with them.

Stay tuned to DoM to get all your Metal goodness. It’s like Porn, but with Metal, and without the crappy writing. Oh wait…

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