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Sepultura frontman says metal fans are ‘close minded’

Frontman and vocalist of Sepultura (not Max, the other dude), Derrick Green, was recently interviewed by RushOnRock.com.

Not a whole lot in the interview of interest to me, but if you’re a fan of the new lineup of Sepultura (allegedly their new album is awesome. I have yet to hear it though), you may just want to check it out. Otherwise, an excerpt can be read below.

RushOnRock.com: For a band ever-changing there always will be critics but you must be accustomed to that now?

Green: For sure, and the new style of music, people are very critical. Especially in metal music, I find that a lot of people can be very closed-minded — they want to listen to metal and nothing else, but I’m not like that. I like doing metal music and having a heavy style, but I don’t like to put myself in such a box and be trapped in it, because I’m not like that. I like to do different style of music but I think there’s always room for evolution in the music. I love the old classic bands from the past but I like the new bands a lot too and I’m grateful they’re out there exploring and experimenting.

Personally I like being a close minded metal fan. If I can live an existence of being entirely unaware of who Rebecca Black is, why people are always making Friday jokes I don’t get, and what the latest Lady Gaga song sounds like, then I guess ignorance is bliss. Now, if you don’t mind Derrick, I think I’m going to listen to some Slayer and then finish off by drinking some goats’ blood and telling my friends how dumb they are for listening to pop music.


Sepultura is not reuniting, mmkay?

Sepultura frontman Derrick Green just squashed some barely-existent rumors about his band reuniting with Max Cavalera (which would mean replacing Derrick, ouch).

That’s all they are, rumors. I mean nobody has contact with [Max] or anyone in his band. And he’s doing his own thing. The reunion, I think, is with his brother [Igor]. I’m happy to see Igor with his family again. It was 10 years that they didn’t speak. I think for the people that really wanted the reunion, there it is. They can go see them and check that out and be happy because I know that we are happy in what we’re doing and we keep pushing forward and we keep doing what we love to do and we’re always going to represent Sepultura in a positive manner because it’s truly what we believe in.

Read full interview here.

Woah, settle down there Derrick. I know you’re not happy hearing about being replaced all the time but no need to get so defensive about it.

I’m kidding, I really think he answered that question with a lot of tact since I can name about 10 other frontmen who would have slammed the hell out of Max just to answer this question. But I do think a Cavalera-heavy Sepultura album is just a few good paychecks away.

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