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Deep Purple's first manager passes away

Deep Purple‘s first manager, Tony Edwards (pictured above, far left), passed away at the age of 78.

It was without doubt Tony‘s love of spotting an opportunity which sparked life into the embryonic contacts between musicians which evolved into Deep Purple, and which he and business partner John Coletta (who died in 2006) sunk money into for a couple of years until the breakthrough album In Rock justified the faith of all concerned.” – Simon Robinson

Read the full thing here.

R.I.P. Tony Edwards.

It is said that without Tony, there would be no Deep Purple. And we all know without Deep Purple, a lot of other bands wouldn’t have existed.


A dream never dreamt

According to former Deep Purple keyboardist, Jon Lord, who recently spoke to UK’s Classic Rock magazine, a reunion of the Mk. III lineup is just a dream and nothing more.

“I think it’s a dream too far,” Lord said. “I know a lot of people would like it to happen, but it would have to have Ian Paice involved, and right now he’s committed to the current Purple lineup.”

Seriously, does anyone still care? What is it with bands with 73-year-old members talking about reunions? Just let it stay in the past. If you do care, however, read more here.



Roger Glover (pictured above) of Deep Purple fame thinks he’s a painter and photographer. His exhibition, entitled “Paintings and Pictures 1964 – 2010,” will be running from October 25, 2010 to January 31, 2011. More details after the jump.

Suidakara, the German metal band whose name sounds like an anime series, posted some rant on their official page about some festivals they’re playing and when they’re entering the studio. Read it here. I advise against it though.

First Blood, the Rambo loving band, will release their sophomore effort “Silence Is Betrayal” on November 9. More details (including the cover) here.

Suffocation, the New York-based bondage aficionados, will be streaming their Milwaukee concert  on the web,  on Monday, October 25. More details here.


Black & Purple Maiden

Tony Iommi (Guitars, Black Sabbath), Ian Gillan (Vocals, Deep Purple), Nicko McBrain (Drums, Iron Maiden) and Jon Lord (Keyboard, Deep Purple) are going to record a charity song to raise money to rebuild the Armenian Music School.

Iommi and Gillan were already involved in a charity re-recording of Deep Purple’s biggest hit ‘Smoke on the Water’ to raise money for something something* in Armenia in 1989.

* If you really want to know what they raised money for, read the Blabbermouth article.

My thoughts: Deep Purple are still doing music? And Nicko McBrain still has a weird shaped nose.

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