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This week’s playlist

Have you ever wondered what we’ve been busy blasting here at the Dose of Metal office? Of course you haven’t, we don’t even have an office, but that doesn’t mean we can’t review some new metal tracks for you, and let you readers know what’s been hogging our stereo.

This week I decided to do something I rarely do – actually check out some new music. I sometimes get so caught up in my own ways, listening to the same bands over again, that I forget their is a wealth of other music out there.

Since this week’s feature is the first, I’m going to review some new tracks from the last month or so, but from next week I’m going to keep it to mainly just new tracks released in that given week. But enough about that, let’s just get on with it shall we? Make the motherflipping jump before I pop a cap in your ass.


Decapitated are back

Fucking brilliant news. Yeah, I know, you’re all going to tell me that Decapitated never actually went away, aren’t you? I have to be honest though, after the tragic death of drummer Vitek, I kind of lost touch of what these guys were up to I regret to say.

So what are the Death Metal masterminds up to? Well, according to Blabbermouth, the band are back and have been working on a brand new album. The album is called Carnival Is Forever and is due for release on July 12th. The tracklisting can be found after the jump.

And now listen to ‘Spheres of Madness’ to remember why these guys kick so much ass!


Dose of Death

Why the cheesy image? Because I don’t take myself seriously, and neither should you. Welcome to my weekly feature where I’m normally drunk and/or hungover, and write some garbage about music in a way that makes me sound more knowledgeable than I really am. Or maybe I just fail at that..

The topic for this week: Death Metal. Admittedly, not my favorite genre, but one that fascinates me all the same. Death Metal is an extreme sub-genre of Metal (no, really?) that began in America (particularly Florida) in the 1980s. But I’m not fucking Wikipedia and this isn’t no history lesson, I’m just here for the music, and so should you be, so get your Death dosage after the jump. Don’t worry, an overdose won’t lead to death. Only awesomeness.


Halloween headlines

Happy Halloween everybody. To celebrate it we’re gonna post you some completely non-related headlines, just to get into the spirit of things, ya know?

Ratt (pictured above) have the masculinity of a 12 year old teenage girl. They make Kirk Hammett look like Rampage Jackson. Their drummer, Bobby Blotzer, will be on some radio show, probably to talk about that and how they coped with bullies while growing up. It’ll be this Wednesday, November 3rd – at 3 pm E.T. on this website.

I have no idea who Triptykon are but the name sounds like an old SNES game about spaceships. Either way, some live footage is available, check it out after the jump.

Speaking of bands nobody heard of, Agalloch have a new song and it’s free. We always post about free shit because we’re cheap. You can hear it here.

Misery Index and Decapitated have been confirmed for the ‘Neurotic Deathfest‘ which will take place on April 29th and 30th of next year. Where? In Tilburg, Holland. Our advice is, if in Holland, buy weed and hookers and spend your time using them both in a hotel room. It’s legal!

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