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Interview: David Ellefson (Megadeth)

David came back in Megadeth a year ago, and what has he been doing since? Umm, I don’t know, just KICKING MAJOR ASS around the globe and writing a new Megadeth album.

But what can fans expect from the new album, what does he think of ‘Endgame‘ and did he really see me in the crowd at the Sofia gig? Well, only one way to find out.

Ladies and metalheads…  My interview with David Ellefson, after the jump!


1/2 of Big Four do bass clinics

The other David in Megadeth (you know, the nice one) is joining forces with Anthrax‘s Frank Bello for two Hartke bass clinics. What are bass clinics? We don’t know either.

Anyway, they will happen later next month (25th and 26th) in New York and Boston. The first one is free, the second one isn’t. But hey, you can win some shit, so why not? One of the prizes… The Big Four DVD… Hmm, I wonder who they got the idea from? Hint hint.

So everyone associated with The Big Four is busy nowadays, huh? That’s good to know… Someone needs to show the world music used to be done with real instruments, not with Macbooks.

We stole got this news from Blabbermouth, so go here for more details. We also stole got the poster, make the jump to see it.


Ellefson rhymes with Jackson

I don’t know about you guys, but I really like David Ellefson. He just seems like the total opposite of Dave Mustaine and yes, that is a compliment. On the Big Four DVD, the backstage stuff, he was the only one that genuinely seemed excited to be playing a gig and be part of a music festival, the other guys from all four bands just seemed like it’s another day at the office.

News is slow over the weekend so I’m gonna post an interview with David from NAMM. He talks about his signature Jackson bass guitars.

Now I’m not a big fan of Jackson in general, but these basses look sweet. If you squint at the picture above, it almost looks like a normal guitar. I always loved basses like that, and the headstock is just pure badassery, if you ask me.

Make the jump for the interview.


Roadrunner Artists share their Top 10’s of 2010

You know how much we love Top 10 lists at Dose of Metal, as evident in our weekly Top 10 every Friday. So it comes in no surprise that I was very interested in seeing the Top 10 lists some musicians, including Robb Flynn of Machine Head, Mikael Akerfeld of Opeth and Bloodbath and Dave Ellefson of Megadeth, shared lately.

Let’s jump right into it after the jump.


BulletDeth for myTallica Trivium

The Virginian-Pilot recently conducted an interview with David Ellefson of Megadeth.  When asked about the new generation of bands, Ellefson commented that he thinks Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium are the Megadeth and Metallica of today (which, BTW, in case you hadn’t realised, is the reason for my stupid title).

Normally I’d try to say something funny at this point (and fail), but luckily Ellefson has already done it for me. No need for me to make jokes, just read that again. Trivium? Bullet for my Valentine? Metallica? LOL.

Check out more information on the interview here.

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