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Seems like I’m not the only one with a crush on Cristina Scabbia

Let’s face it, metal doesn’t have a lot of hot chicks. In this genre, any chick that even remotely resembles a fuckable one is considered breathtaking.

So someone like Cristina Scabbia is a pretty rare thing. I have a semi as I’m writing this.

But check out my man David Ellefson trying the ol’ ‘let’s do a video update together’ line on her. You go, dude!

Of course, Dave talks to her about her favorite moment on stage and all of that, but we all know this is going through his mind: (o)(o)

I have more jokes in me, but my respect for the bro code forces me to end it right here.


David Ellefson wants to give talent back to God

Both Daves in Megadeth are pretty religious, but only one of them wants give God some of his talent back.

This is what David Ellefson said in a recent interview:

God gave me my musical talent so I found it fitting that for a few years I should give some of it back to Him for his use

Read full interview here.

God sure could use it, I’ve heard Him play bass and He sucks.

Seriously, this quote is so easy to misinterpret and make fun of, that I’m not even gonna try. I actually like David a lot, and I’m very happy he’s back in Megadeth, so I’ll let this slide… But you can all submit your own God/David/Megadeth/bass jokes below:

    If they’re funny, you’ll have the honor of making me laugh. Good luck!

    Source: Blabbermouth


    The Big Four Guitar World cover is here

    The Big Four are featured in a Guitar World issue and we got the cover exclusively! If by ‘exclusively’ you mean ‘stolen from Blabbermouth.’ The cover is after the jump, and by the looks of it, the magazine itself features a poster of Dave and Jaymz fist-bumping each other. Sounds awesome, too bad this isn’t 1985.

    Anyway, the site Glenrock Patch conducted an interview with Scott Ian, Tom Araya and David Ellefson about The Big Four and you guessed it, same type of questions, same type of answers. Read the predictable article here.

    If you’re going to the NY Big Four show, we’re hosting a party on Skype for you guys, we can all like, videochat and drink beer together!!! [/lies]


    David Ellefstarbucks

    Yes, I know it’s a dumb title, but what do you want from me? This isn’t the fucking Oxford blog, so insulting the English language is something we like to do. You don’t like it? Fine, be that way.

    So, David is in Seattle and apparently he’s a big Starbucks fan. Such a big fan that he actually went to the original coffee shop that was made in the 70s (or something).

    What’s cool about this video is that it’s actually properly recorded. It’s 2011, this is what a video blog should look like.

    David, if you’re reading this, can you give fellow Big Four musician Charlie Benante some tips on HD video blogging? His poor channel has videos that look like they were made a few decades before that Starbucks opened.


    Will Diamond Head join The Big Four jam?

    I actually wanted to go to Knebworth for Sonisphere, but couldn’t. Man, am I going to regret this…

    Diamond Head (whose ‘Am I Evil’ song is usually played when the four bands jam) will play on the same stage as Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica. So will they join the jam at the end?

    The video above with David Ellefson and Shawn Drover of Megadeth seems to hint towards that idea. It would be pretty epic indeed, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

    I hope it will be pro shot so we don’t have to witness it via godawful cellphone footage.

    UPDATE: Metallica.com confirms that Brian Tatler of Diamond Head joined the jam.

    Speaking of Sonisphere, other musicians playing that festival were asked to pick their favorite Big Four band. Their quotes, after the jump.

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