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Dave appreciation rant

Hiya folks,

I’ve been on quite a break now, due to all but good reasons, and I felt I should chime in. The subject? Good ol’ Dave. No. Not the Grohl one. The other one. Yeah, that’s right, ginger Dave.

I’m perfectly aware that Alex has posted news bits about Dave’s health. Yeah, he’s recovering after a neck surgery that involved three vertebral discs (read the details on Blabbermouth. Or, better still, don’t, because that’s already old news). The point is that the man himself blamed his injury on headbanging. Now, remember that Dave has just turned 50 recently. Put “50” and “headbanging” in the same sentence and… you get something that Papa Het has forgotten to do for a good 23 years. Metal, that is.

(Pictured above: Metal. Not by numbers)

If you didn’t hear yet the measly alternative that Dave counters Lulu with, hit the jump, but be prepared for a non-intellectual borefest that cannot hold a candle to the deep-thinking behemoth that “The View” is.


Dave Mustaine is feeling good after surgery

In spite of the expression on his face above, Dave is feeling better after surgery!

10/5 was two week check-up. Looks good! Feels great!! Start physical therapy Monday. More Tread Climber until then.

Read tweet here.

Good news, I guess. Nothing to add, just happy my little ginger metalhead is feeling good.


Weak Recap: Solo style

Mouthful of metal

Hey, it’s another Sunday, and you know what that means, time for your favorite weekly interview. The one we do with each other.

Except, you’re not getting one.

Apparently, other people at Dose of Metal obviously have this thing called “life” and they’re too busy with their “girlfriends.” You know where that leaves me? Same place I was last week — alone in the room, wishing I had enough money to buy myself a plastic one.

I’m just kidding, blow up dolls are for pussies, real men pleasure themselves. And by that, I don’t mean I can reach my penis with my mouth. I just make the best use of my hands. Speaking of my hands and wonderful results, make the jump to read my solo recap.


Mustaine says collab with Metallica should be for charity

…and the only thing I keep wondering is, who would be on the receiving end? Dave himself? No, I’m kidding, that’s just mean. In case you’ve somehow missed it, Dave talked about wishing to form a supergroup with Lars and James. He’s recently spoken with The Phoenix, and he shares more thoughts about the possible collaboration:

“I think James and I and Lars and David should do a record together and see what happens. Not as a band or anything like that, but something to donate the money to charity.”

Aaaaw, how sweet would that be? On a serious note, a thought of a Metallica 2.0, or Metallica: The Reboot does sound way more interesting than “Lulu.” Actually, I just farted and the noise was more metal than the name of that project.

Read the entire interview for more of Dave’s thoughts on today’s metal, first Big Four gig, usual yada yada on drugs, and his kids having weird Metallica-like names.


Weak Recap: We be winning, playa

It’s no secret that we’re amazing, and we’re pretty modest about it, too. I mean, the rest of the guys who write for this site aren’t really that awesome, but compared to your boring ass, they’re Gods. I, on the other hand, am absolutely sublime. I truly believe a few decades from now people will be quoting my posts and giving them as examples of literary genius.

So why would I, of all people, interview the other writers for this site? Isn’t it a bit like Mozart interviewing Linkin Park? Yes it is, but unlike Mozart, I am pretty humble. And good looking.

Anyway, make the jump and read my interview with some of metal’s worst writers… Ever.

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