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MTV interviewer makes fun of Dave Mustaine

Rhythm guitar. Vocals. Lead guitar. Politics. Is there anything Dave can’t do?

Apparently our man Dave has advice for the next president, and whoever that is, he’d better listen up. Cause this is a guy who founded two of the best metal bands of all time, so he knows his shit when it comes to metal. And we all know metal rules so ipso facto Dave can rule the world.

So here’s some of the things Dave said. I must warn you, the interview is unintentionally hilarious and a very good read.

If you’re a Dave fan, skip this article, because the interviewer is being sarcastic all the time and Dave doesn’t seem to realize it.

 “Dave: All I know is, if my wife walked in there and some transgender dude in a dress walked out, I would beat his ass.
Her ass.
You mean her ass.
The dude in the dress?

Haha, wow… Probably the best Dave interview in a while. It gets better, Dave mentions his hexes again.

They did [work]. And that’s why I don’t do hexes anymore. And it’s why I don’t do Megadeth songs like “The Conjuring” anymore. The lyrics are basically just a list of instructions from some of the hexes I’ve done.”

The interviewer is obviously pulling his leg at this point, but Dave is none the wiser…

“Interviewer: I just Googled the lyrics to “The Conjuring,” and I guess you’re right, it is like a recipe for a hex. I apparently need a candle and a piece of parchment and an eyelash from a black cat and the straw of a broom. This is all accurate?
Dave: It is, yeah.
Where do you even go to find the eyelash from a black cat? Amazon, maybe?
Dave: I have no clue. I’m not saying everybody would listen to that song and decide to try doing a hex. Maybe out of 100 people, 99 will think it’s stupid, or 99 will think it’s cool but would never do it. But there’s always that one. You know what I mean? I don’t want to be responsible for misleading anyone. It’s hard enough to survive in this world without getting bad ideas from a metal song.”

Read full article here.


Dave, seriously. This guy was jabbing you subliminally and all you did was fall right into his trap. I can’t blame anyone for his own beliefs, it’s your right to believe in God/Santa/hexes, but keep some of that stuff to yourself, man. Otherwise people will just make fun of you.


Captain Mustaine leads the Megadave ship

According to Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick, Megadeth is a ship and Dave Mustaine is its captain. Captain obvious.

It’s Dave’s band. He makes the rules, I have no problem with that — anyone that stays committed to one band for this long deserves to make the rules; he’s the captain of the ship. Besides, it was always his vision, Megadeth is his band.

Read full interview here.

While I do agree that Dave is the bandleader and that it’s his baby, a bit of democracy wouldn’t hurt. Not that I know what it’s like to work in Megadeth, but I have a feeling it’s a bit reminiscent of Germany.

By that I mean, of course, that they drink a lot of beer and have a great worth ethic. [insert rolling eyes emoticon here]

Source: Blabbermouth
Photo credit: Anna Nietzsche


Kirk told Dave to play all the solos

When Dave played with Metallica a few nights ago, he was a bit confused as to what versions of the songs he should have played. Luckily Kirk stepped in and saved the day:

I was trying to figure out, Do I learn the demo versions of the songs or the Kill ‘Em All versions of the songs? Well, I found out it was the Kill ‘Em All versions. OK, do I learn my solos from the demos, or Kirk’s solos? What solos should I play? Then, when I got there, Kirk said, ‘You know, why don’t you play all the solos?’ And I was like, ‘Oooh!’ [laughs] I had to quickly go through my bag of tricks.

Read full interview here.

They should have done a ‘Four Horsemen vs. Mechanix’ performance. Yup.


Playing with Metallica put a smile on Dave’s face

There’s a headline I never thought I’d read a few years ago. The fact that Dave finally joined Metallica on stage to play some old Metallica songs is amazing. I wished that would happen at the Big Four jams, but it never did. Maybe because the other two bands were there, and playing ‘Tallica songs would have been a bit selfish.

Anyway, Dave finally played with them, and not only that, original bassist Ron McGovney was also on stage. Pretty epic.

So what does Dave think of the whole experience?

I thought it was cool to be just with Metallica but Ron McGovney’s up there and Lloyd Grant’s up there. I was kind of like ‘Alright, well, I’ll bite the bullet. I’ll be cool. This is not so terrible.’ I got up there and, you know what, I didn’t even notice them. I was having so much fun they weren’t even there.

Haha, even after three decades, he’s still having a go at Ron.

I didn’t even see him the whole time I was up there. It was cool that he was there. He was pretty nervous, too. Ron’s a good guy. I was locked into Lars’ playing and James’ playing. Me and James, we were like the the Toxic Twins back when we played together and we were a very very dangerous duo. And for a moment I think I stirred some of those old feelings up. I saw one of the videos and it looked like he was having fun. I know I was having fun. I had a smile that I went to bed with.

Read full interview here.

These are the quotes I wanted to read from Dave for ages. This is what rock is all about, a couple of talented people jamming together. The petty feuds and bullshit comparisons between Metallica and Megadeth were/are idiotic, and although I am guilty of making plenty of those myself, at least I’ve done them for a laugh — people on YouTube took them seriously.

I hope this will happen again, maybe at a show I’ll attend. Either way, it took 30 years, but things are finally okay between the two bands, and that’s pretty awesome.

Remember, no matter what you think of Metallica or Megadeth, you can’t deny that James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine are two of the greatest metal writers of all time. The fact that they were in the same band together once is amazing. The fact that they can perform together for us 30 years later is even more amazing.

Okay, this is getting way too serious for Dose of Metal. Time for a joke… So, how come Dave Mustaine remembered how to play all those songs after all these years? He plays them daily before crying himself to sleep! — I rule.

Some cool videos of the performances after you make the jump… IN THE FIRE — See what I did there?


iMustaine: Learn to play guitar on your iPhone

Ever wanted to play guitar like Dave Mustaine? Forget what you think you know about learning this instrument. Actually buying a guitar, spending countless hours daily practicing it? That’s for suckaz, yo. A real man just buys Dave’s new app.

Want to shred like Megadeth? Never thought you could? Guess again. This is the app for that. The Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy interactive App gets you — whether beginner or expert — playing the right notes at the right times within minutes — on your guitar.

That sounds awesome. Let’s see what Dave has to say about the app. Lemme guess, he thinks it’s better than guitar lessons…

Better than a private lesson, and more fun than any guitar game, my app, ‘Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy,’ actually teaches you how to play guitar, and with the leader boards you shred while you kick your friends *sses!

Get the app here.

Told ya. What can I say, if you’re a fan, you will most likely buy it. It’s $9.99 so it’s not the cheapest app out there, but it’s not like 10 bucks is that much for an iPrivate Lesson from Dave Mustaine himself.

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