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Lombardo got a new tattoo

If you were present at the Swedish Big Four gig and wondered why no one in Slayer was around for the “Big Four” jam, Lombardo has an answer for you. He was too busy getting a tattoo. No time to worry about fans or anything.

I’ve been to their first jam (pictured above) and it was magical. When I told people what I’ve witnessed, they were envious as shit. To see how Slayer are less and less involved in that is really disappointing. Megadeth and Metallica put their feud aside and Slayer simply can’t be bothered to join in.

I know, I know, there’s always an excuse. Tattoos, traveling arrangements, blah blah… People pay good money to see all four bands live. That jam at the end should be between all four bands — hence the name THE BIG FOUR.

Here’s my message to Dave and the rest of Slayer: The tattoo is pretty cool, Dave. Your disappointing thousands of fans hoping to see all four bands on that stage together — uncool.


Here’s some footage of Philm

Dave Lombardo kicks your ass when he’s in Slayer. Now he’s trying to kick your ass in an experimental, jazzy/funky/weirdy sort of band, too.

Philm‘s sound is such a salad of genres that any attempt to describe it will make me sound like a pretentious piece of shit.

So why don’t you just watch the video and shut up, so I can shut up as well.

We cool, G?


Headlines! Headlines! Headlines!

Time for some headlines, baby! Let’s get it on…

Children of Bodom announced a month-long North American headlining tour in June. Main support? The Devin Townsend (pictured above) Project. Also supporting are Obscura and Septicflesh. Sounds like a nice lineup to me. Dates have yet to be announced.

All-girl metal (I use the word “metal” very loosely in this context) band (I use the word “band” very loosely in this context) Kittie are going into the studio, to record the follow-up to ‘In The Black,’ next week. Yay, I guess. Yay for those who enjoy Pussy’s Kittie’s music. Yay for all two of you.

Seether frontman Shaun Morgan claimed that former Seether guitarist has gone back to his former band Evanescence. Eh, what’s a Seether? Anywho, shortly after Morgan claimed that, Evanescence’s management declined it. But honestly, who the fuck cares?

When asked about why Slayer chose Gary Holt as a replacement for Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo had the following to say:

“Me and Kerry were on the side of the stage at Hellfest, in France. Both me and Kerry, were “Come on, let’s go listen to Exodus. Let’s hear Exodus. We haven’t seen them in a while.” We saw Exodus and I was like, “Wow. Now I remember why I liked them so much, when I was young.” […] “Look at that guy. That guy’s an amazing guitar player. He’s a good player.” And so, when this happened, the first person that came to Kerry’s mind, and myself, [was] Gary. I mean he was there, from the beginning. He knows that style.”

Read the full interview here.

Dave Murray, of Iron Maiden, was recently asked if there is going to be a follow-up to ‘The Final Frontier.’ Rumors that this was going to be Maiden’s last album surfaced ever since the band reveiled the title of the album. Murray had this to say about the situation:

“Possibly there will be, but it’s hard to say at the moment. It definitely won’t be next year, anyway. My gut feeling is once we sit down, if everyone’s up for it — that’s the main thing — then we’ll go for it.”

Read the full interview here.

Feel updated now? You are ready to go out and be metal now, my friend.


Dimebash footage

Dimebash footage surfaced, and it’s pretty awesome, just like myself. Which reminds me, I am insanely handsome.

Anyways, make the jump and witness something almost equally amazing.  A cover of ‘Fucking Hostile’ by Kerry King, Dave Lombardo, Rob Flynn and Mike Inez plus some other performances. Go!


Getcha' Pull

The almighty Dimebag Darrell will be celebrated again at Dimebash 2010.

The all-star lineup to share the stage will include hard rock and heavy metal titans: Dave Grohl; Simon Wright; Brent Smith, Zach Myers and Eric Bass; Kerry King and Dave Lombardo; Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel; Chuck Billy; Chris Howorth and Maria Brink; and many more, including some surprises that will surely nail your jaw to the floor.

Tickets are $15. More info here. Banner after the jump.

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