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Interview: Dan Nelson

I’ve been a fan of Anthrax for a long time now and I supported them even after dumping bandmember after bandmember, but, like many others, I just got sick of the band handling their business that poorly after a while.

I’ve seen them live in 2009 when Dan Nelson was still in the band and he blew me away. Great stage presence, great vocals, the guy was a beast on that very day, so I looked forward to the upcoming album ‘Worship Music,’ but everyone knows what happened next.

Dan Nelson is not with Anthrax anymore but he’s still working hard and soon we’ll all be able to hear him do what he does best: sing like a motherfucker. But first, he gave an interview to your favorite website, Dose of Metal. Read it after the jump.


No more Anthrax drama (?)

No more Anthrax drama, that seems pretty far stretched but at least former Anthrax singer Dan Nelson seems to have had enough of the drama and tried to clarify something he has posted on twitter last week.

In 2 posts, dated to past monday, Nelson wrote that “Things have gotten way blown out of proportion” and added that “Joey is a great vocalist, always has been”.

See screenshots of his posts after the jump.


Fired Anthrax singer fires back

Old Anthrax singer, Dan Nelson, has slammed the band for their performance of “new” song, Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t, with new old Anthrax singer, Joey Belladonna. Confused? Yeah we all are when it comes to this band and their singers.

The original version of the song was written and recorded last year, with Dan Nelson on vocals. After he left, or quit, or was fired, the band still used the song, performing it for the “first” time (with Joey) last night (click)

Writing via his Twitter profile guitarist Scott Ian stated about the Uniondale concert, “NY show didn’t disappoint. Craziest pit of the tour! We played new one ‘Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t’ for the first time in the States.”

A short time later, Nelson took to his own Twitter profile to correct Ian, writing:

‘Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t’ for the first time in the States, eh?? Wouldn’t that be at the Double Door in Chicago when we played the song WE ALL wrote together?? I guess Chicago is no longer in the States??”

Videos and screenshots of the tweets stolen borrowed from Blabermouth can be found after the jump.


Dan Nelson, what is he up to?

Dan Nelson, the guy in the middle between his former bandmates of Anthrax up there, was the singer for Anthrax for 2 years, toured with them, recorded an album with them and then got kicked out of the band.

Even though his recordings for ‘Worship Music’ will probably never see the light of day, I’ve seen them live in 2009 and Nelson proved that he is a beast on stage. I was looking forward to hearing his work with Anthrax but now, that that’s scrapped, I thought why not check out what he has been up to since his “release” from Anthrax?

Over at MySpace Nelson has a page dedicated to some work he has done since his Anthrax days, with a couple of friends in his garage (Someone’s taking the Neil Turbin road) and according to Wikipedia (reliable sources FTW!) he is the current vocalist/guitarist for Inside Hollow, who-the-fuck-ever that is.

So anyway, even though he won’t be seen (or heard) with Anthrax any time soon again, Dan Nelson is still making music. And that’s a good thing because most of the songs on his MySpace page are pretty good and catchy as hell. Just check it out.

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