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Weak Recap: We’re amazing

This is our fifth Weak Recap, which means we ran out of writers to interview so I’m back interviewing Guido. God dammit. At least old man river up there approves.

In case you aren’t familiar with this recap thing, it’s a way for us to whore ourselves interview each other by recapping the week’s news. Pretty cool, right? Wrong… It’s lame and self-indulgent but hey, at least it’s original. Most other sites just do basic lists. Blah, we do shit properly, yo.

Make the jump and if you’re truly bored.


Spotlight: Damage Inc. (Metallica tribute band)

It’s not easy being in a tribute band. Sure, you play other people’s songs, but you’re also faced with a lot of criticism, fanboy snobs and being constantly compared to the band you’re honoring.

But Damage Inc. is not just a random Metallica tribute band. They cover the songs quite faithfully and lead singer Chris Knight looks a lot like James, too.

I think these guys do their job well and I got to talk to three of the four guys in this band.

So if you want to read their opinion on Metallica, beachballs and read what Scott Ian thought of their solos, make the jump.

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