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New Crowbar song

We care for you guys, hence why we’re posting this photo for you to see. We know you plan on binge-eating this Christmas so there you have it, some topless action from a few guys who should definitely keep their shirt on. If you still feel like eating after that, it means you’re Rob Halford.

Kidding, kidding… Anyway, new Crowbar, bitches. It’s called “Cemetary Angels” and you can stream it here.


Crowbar's severed hand

Crowbar is this site’s favorite tool. Why? Because crowbar’s a good measurement of a daily dose of metal to beat people over head with. The band Crowbar is not bad either, they’re just as metal, and they serve the same purpose. They have a new album, “Sever the Wicked Hand,” coming out on February 8th, 2011. Make the jump to see some album artwork and fan footage of a new song being performed.

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