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Crosses live line-up revealed


In more ‘not really metal’ news, Crosses (why do they use three T’s for their logo?) have revealed the live lineup for their upcoming tour.

The lineup is as follows (core members in bold):

  • Chino Moreno (Deftones)
  • Shaun Lopez (Far)
  • Chuck Doom
  • Chris Robyn (Far)
  • Dino Campanella (Dredg)
  • Jono Evans (Endless Hallways)

You can check their Facebook page for live dates.



Crosses released EP II


††† (or, for the normal people, Crosses), the Chino Moreno / Shaun Lopez collaboration, released their second EP today, non-surprisingly named EP ††.

I have a few questions regarding this: will the third EP be called EP †††? If so, will it be pronounced ‘EP Three’ or ‘EP Crosses’. What if they make a fourth? “EP More Crosses?”

Also, why the fuck are their reversed crosses upside down?

If you don’t have any weird questions and just want to listen to it — tt’s available for purchase on their official website, crossesmusic.com, and the price for the regular download is $3.99, while the deluxe version will cost you $6.99 and get you lots of extras. The first EP is still available for a free download on the website, in case you missed it the first time around, so you can check out the music first if you feel like it.


Dose of new metal

Lots of metal

Hey guys, whatcha doing? Having a good day? Well, I’m here to ruin it make it even better for you. Five Finger Death Punch have a new song out! Aren’t you super excited? Well, then you’re going to go crazy over a new P.O.D. track! But wait, there’s more — some guys from Deftones met some guys from Far and made some completely new atrocity. The only reason “new” in the title isn’t “nu” is because I’ve managed to balance things out by finding a new Opeth song, and a surprise track by another band. Ooooo, which one is it?

Make the jump and find out.

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