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Dave Mustaine was fueled by hatred

If you ever wondered what made Dave Mustaine so creative during Megadeth‘s first years, wonder no more. Chris Poland comes with the answer. Hint: It’s very predictable.

You really have to give Dave credit. Dave wrote a lot of the material. It came from his… He was fueled by hate for Metallica, so that added that extra angst to what we were doing. It was perfect timing and like you said, the chemistry was right.

This is why I’ve always said Dave being kicked out of Metallica was the best thing to ever happen to us. We got two great bands out of it. Can you imagine Dave practicing guitar?


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Plains of… Oblivion?


Jeff Loomis just released his second solo effort (well, that depends upon what your definition of “just” is). As it features a few friends of his, such as Attila Voros, Tony Macalpine, Chris Poland and one Marty Friedman, I think it’s worth a listen. Or two.


Dave kicked Chris Poland in the face. In a limo!

Dave may look all nice and friendly in that photo above, but apparently he kicked (former Megadeth guitarist) Chris Poland in the face.

One night we had gone out and had two limousines at the record release party. One was for us and one was for our girlfriends and wives. We came out of the party and we were all obviously going to score [drugs]. I was grumbling and said something about Chris’ girlfriend, and he jumped across the limo to try and do something with me, and I kicked him in the face.

Read full interview here.

In a limo! This sounds like the plot to an American Pie film, or at least a similarly atrocious National Lampoon shitfest.

Anyway, next time you’re sitting at home wondering why Megadeth changed their lineup a million times, consider being in the band and the lead singer trying to score a field goal with your head. Would you stay?

I keed, I keed, I’m sure there’s more to these stories than just random drug fights. Cocaine’s a helluva drug… Huh huh huh.

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