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Chimaira got interviewed

Chimaira got interviewed, probably the first time since they’ve changed their lineup. I wouldn’t know, cause I hardly give a crap, but maybe some of you do.

I got this news from Blabbermouth, but honestly, the first comment is way more interesting than the actual interview:

A couple minutes ago, I quarantined myself in a secluded area to let a big fart out. I had to wait a while to leave to make sure that the smell didn’t follow me. “

Read Blabbermouth article here.

I once farted loud during sex. I was lucky though, the girl I was with was imaginary, so I was able to talk my way out of it.


New Chimaira line-up releases a brand new song

Bass, Bass. Wir brauchen Bass Bass…

New Chimaira bitches!* They gone all old school german rap on us. And like Martin Luther King, they have a dream. I don’t recognize anyone in the band, but isn’t Chimaira like all new people anyway? Maybe their dream is to get some of the old people back?

*not really


Fuck Sundays. Also, unreleased Chimaira stuff.

Two things:

  1. Fuck Sundays
  2. Here’s some unreleased Chimaira demos, courtesy of Mark Hunter’s Twitter. Check more here.

That is all.


Last person on the way out of Chimaira, please turn off the lights.

Mark Hunter

Shocking update on the Chimaira front: both guitarists have left the band.

Holy shit.

Here’s what the last man standing (not counting new members who have replaced the original drummer, bass and the keyboard player), Mark Hunter, had to say:

Early in July, we were informed that Rob Arnold [guitar] and Matt DeVries [guitar] would be leaving Chimaira at the end of 2011. Of course, this was a huge blow, but there were no hard feelings. We understand that life invades art, everything runs its course, and we have to take different paths. We respect their decision and wish them only the best. We made heavy metal history together and that is all that matters at the end of the day. ‘Chimaira Christmas 12’ will be their last show, and we’ve been preparing to make it one that you’ll never forget.

I would personally like to thank Rob and Matt for all of their hard work, years of service to Chimaira, amazing songs, and for their friendship. Together we built something special that will remain for generations to come.

I’m looking forward to spending another five weeks on the road with two of the best (and criminally underrated) guitarists in modern metal.

What’s next for Chimaira in 2012? More on that very soon.

Rather than try and make light of unpleasant news, or downplay this by hyping up a new lineup, let’s take a few to honor Rob and Matt. My favorite solo of Rob’s is on ‘The Heart Of It All’ and my favorite riff of Matt’s is ‘The Dehumanizing Process’. I’ll be cranking those today. What about you?

Well, not to be a pessimist, rather simply realistic, this is pretty much the end of the band — both Rob and Matt are involved with Six Feet Under and it is now obvious they were just waiting to end whatever commitment they had to Mark , and the rest of the current lineup is almost all Daath anyway. I seriously doubt Mark would continue the band being the sole original member, and I also don’t see any of the older members coming back.

What’s done is done — it’s up to the band to wrap up the current tour, and we’ll keep you updated with any news.


Hammerfest UK just got better

Who knew things actually happen in North Wales, ‘ey? Well, next year’s Hammerfest IV in Prestatyn, Wales, is already shaping up to be a storm.

Viking legends Amon Amarth are the latest Metal band to be added to the already pretty damn good lineup.

The band will be joined by other “fantastic”* acts, including Anthrax, Paradise Lost, Exodus, Chimaira, Wizard, The Painted Smiles and many more bands. Hammerfest IV takes place from March 16-17, and you can find out more, including how to buy tickets, over at the official site.

*May not be the opinion of every individual.

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