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The glass is half full

According to The PRP, Children of Bodom and winner of best hair style of 2010, Devin Townsend are planning a June U.S. tour together. More details on the tour, which was recently confirmed by Townsend, are expected in the next couple of months.

Why do I say the glass is only half full? Well, because I happen to think Children of Bodom are complete meh, but Devin Townsend is awesome though. That, and because I just drank half my beer.


Five random covers that aren’t very good

One of the most frustrating things about being a music fanatic is when bands cover a classic and completely butcher it.  A lot of bands have been successful over the years with respectable covers, and then you have quite a few bands just creating garbage covers and making you wonder why they’re even trying.

These 5 songs aren’t necessarily the worst of all time (I don’t have the time and patience to search for metal/ hard rock bands that have done poor covers over the years), however, they are embarrassing and should have never been recorded.


Children of Bodom get reckless

Better start saving your Christmas monies, because Children of Bodom will be releasing their brand new album, Relentless Reckless Forever, on March 8, 2011.

Let’s just hope the music is better than the album’s title. Read more over at Blabbermouth.


Bodom guitarist speaks

Children of Bodom’s guitarist, Bodom Child (I made that up, haha, his real name is Roope something), gave an interview recently to the German edition of Metal Hammer. It’s nothing important, really, just details about their new album.

Here’s a statement from the band. I’m gonna make a prediction, they’re excited about it and it’s gonna be perfect.

We’re very excited to let everyone hear what we’re creating with this new record, everything you love about Children of Bodom has been magnified tenfold and we’re pushing ourselves harder than ever before. Expect nothing less than the perfect storm!

See? Told you! Video of the interview after the jump.

When asked why Nokia sucks nowadays, Children of Bodom had no comment.

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