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Friday Top 10: Best hair styles

Yup, you read that right, we’re changing shit up a bit this week, we’re going fashion conscious on your asses. Forget Vogue, it’s time for Dose of Fashion! Don’t worry though, you know this is Dose of Metal really and we’re not about to sell out (well, not unless it’s going to get us millions like Metallica).

Ok, so it’s a little vain, but here we are. We’ve done best tattoos and best looking guitars, so why not best looking Metal hair? Get your Friday Top 10 after the jump!


Chester has an opinion.

Every time a tragedy occurs, you get an onslaught of celebrities commenting on the event in the press, as if anyone really cares what they think.

To be fair to Chester Bennington, he’s not a celebrity, so his commenting on the recent Arizona shooting makes sense. Especially since he’s also from Arizona, so, you know, he must ‘get’ it.

We live in a crazy world. There’s no explanation for it. I personally feel that violence and war and murder are primitive, and I think that we’ve evolved as a species beyond that. Unfortunately some people still feel that’s a means to an end

Read full interview here.

I’d take Chester a bit more seriously if he didn’t have two huge earrings with the symbol of death on them. Or if he wasn’t responsible for either this, this, this or this. But I know what he means.

When asked if he’d make an exception and get primitive on Mike Shinoda’s ass for turning Linkin Park into Daft Punk, Chester had no comment.


Heard Saw?

Chester Bennington

Remember those ancient times, way back in mid-2000’s, somewhere between 2004 and 2006? When people were still using MySpace, when the president was black only in a Chris Rock movie, and when Saw movies somehow managed to grab five minutes of everyone’s attention as a potentially good horror series?

Yes, those times seem so far away now. The only link to them is the (hopefully) soon-dead Saw franchise, with the latest addition, Saw 30 3D. We’ll make fun of the movie some other time, and focus on what this site focuses on: the music.

Though the soundtracks for these movies were mostly mix of b-side quality nu metal tracks, occasionally something good would slip in (mostly the third film’s soundtrack). This year’s soundtrack is nothing to get excited about, and if it’s any indication of what Saw 3D is going to be like, we’re up for the same thing once again, a few thrills and lots of meh.

The only thing that this movie might be worth watching for, is the fact that Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington (pictured above) has a small role in it as one of Jigsaw’s victims. That’s right. The moment you’ve been waiting for ever since you first heard One Step Closer is almost here. Quality entertainment, what can I say.

His (other) band, Dead By Sunrise, is actually featured on the soundtrack, but who cares about that. Continue reading to see what other lame bands made the list, as well as a bigger image of the Chester in a trap sneak peak.

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