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Van Halen II: The discussion

To say about Van Halen II that the title says it all, would be an understatement. But let’s break it down, anyway, in case a juggalo is reading this.

The ‘Van Halen’ in ‘Van Halen II’ means it’s an album by the band Van Halen. ‘II’ stands for ‘second,’ because it’s their sophomore effort. Mr. Wikipedia, at your service.

Leaving bad jokes and sarcasm aside, there’s a podcast out there called “Mars Attacks,” and they got a bunch of musicians together to talk about this album. What musicians? Well, people like Charlie Benante, Glen Drover and Gene Hoglan, and others…

You can listen to the podcast right here: [audio:http://marsattacksradio.com/Interviews/Mars_Attacks_Podcast_046_-_VHII.mp3]

Download here.

Source: MarsAttacksRadio.com


Benante thinks metalheads are not open-minded

Anthrax drummer and Lady Gaga fan Charlie Benante doesn’t have the nicest things to say about a metalhead’s ability to be open-minded about music.

This is what he said in a recent interview:

I think the metal scene struggles… how can I put this it without sounding bad- most true metal heads are not the most open minded people when it comes to music. They like what they like and they want that- and you have to deliver that. If you go a little left field, I don’t know man, that’s taking some chances there and you have to deliver. With this record, it is truly a heavy metal record. There’s no other influence on this record other than hard rock and heavy metal.

Read full interview here.

Huh? What is he on about. Metallica went through 30 genres and they never got any shit for it. [big ass rollin’ eyes here]

I guess he is right, it’s not like we’re the most open-minded people out there, is it? I hate almost every genre out there, and I dislike most rock subgenres.

Let’s face it, we suck. Fuck ourselves!


Metallica are calling the shots now

Charlie Benante of Anthrax recently revealed in an interview that Metallica are responsible for their getting their shit together and releasing their album this fall.

I’ve got to say, Metallica and the whole Big 4 thing really gave us a kick up the ass. It was like ‘Right, get your shit together, let’s go’ and that gave us a deadline for the record.

Watch interview here.

Anything Metallica says, goes, huh? That’s wonderful. Wait until they make you record an album with Lou Reed or something.



Anthrax drummer down with technology

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante is no stranger to technology. Maybe just HD technology. Cause he launched his own motherfucking YouTube channel, yo. And you can see a lot of videos of him (like the one above).

The only problem is that all videos are 360p and look like they’re from the early days of YouTube. A bit of HD content can’t hurt, you know? Hopefully he’ll do that soon.

Anyway, check it out if you have the chance.


Anthrax reviewed their upcoming album already

The reviews are in for Anthrax‘s upcoming studio effort, Worship Music. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re written by two band members. Don’t worry, it’s not like they’re biased or anything.

Here they are:

“With Joey singing them, they sound like classic Anthrax. The hair on my arms stood up when he started singing them. It was Anthrax once again”

– Charlie Benante

“The songs like sound like metal. They sound like Anthrax circa 1987 through a 2011 filter.”

– Scott Ian

“There is a lot of aggression, emotion and power. I feel like this is once again back to our New York style and attitude.”

– Charlie Benante

So I’m guessing both of them agree that the new album kicks ass. It’s safe to say these impartial reviewers gave the album 5 stars out of 5.

Source: Blabbermouth

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