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Friday Top 10: Best looking guitars

That’s right people… It’s that time again… You know, where I rate instruments by their appearance and you all get pissed off.

This is the follow-up to my very popular Friday Top 10 about ugly guitars. I was supposed to write this last week, but it was April 1st so we decided to do something special for that day.

But now, without further ado, make the jump and get ready for my very biased opinions!


Santana's guitar is gently weeping

Carlos Santana

Because it misses some original songs, you know. And what is the one thing rock and metal musicians do when they want to show how “serious” and “mature” their music is? Hire some symphony orchestra to play random background noise to their music. What do you get when you mix these two? Carlos Santana‘s new project. Details after the jump.

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