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Bumblefoot releases new song

Bumblefoot‘s newest digital single, Father, will be released on May 17. More details on his official website.

When we talked to him, he told us that he considers the internet music’s evolution so it comes as no surprise that he’s releasing his music his own way via his website.

I wish more musicians would be this open-minded about the interwebz. So yeah, make sure you get it when it comes out, people.

You can hear a sample after the jump.


Axl has a sense of humor

Our friend Bumblefoot recently revealed in an interview that Axl is a funnyman.

He’s got a great sense of humor. A real ball-buster. Sometimes he’ll tell jokes into our in-ear monitors while we’re tryin’ to take a solo, he’s fucked me up a few times, haha… 

Read full interview here.

It doesn’t surprise me… One look at the classic ‘November Rain’ video and you can totally see Axl’s humorous side, right? That video isn’t serious, is it?

Here’s what I wrote about it in an older article:

So the video is basically about Axl’s wedding to some bimbo. They talk in a bar, whatever, then on the day of the wedding, Slash is the best man (irony ftmfw). He forgot the ring though, shit… Oh wait, some other dude has it on his pinky. Day saved.

Axl gets married, Slash walks out in a rage. As he walks out, his guitar magically appears as he exists the church and the solo starts. Helicopter shot. Then (november) rain hits the wedding, everyone hides, blah blah.

Axl’s wife is dead. Wait, what? Axl wakes up from a dream. Was it all a dream? No wait, he’s still at the funeral. This doesn’t make any fucking sense, whatsofuckingever.

Read article here. Video after the jump.


Blast from the Past: Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy

There were many that thought by the time this album finally saw the light of day, there would actually be democracy in China. Those people were wrong though, because as we all know, the controversial 14 billion-years-in-the-making album finally did find its way onto shop shelves.

This week for ‘Blast from the Past’ I’m going to take an objective look at Guns N’ Roses latest album, Chinese Democracy, released in 2008. Can I go from reviewing albums from the 1980s, to an album from just 3 years ago, and still call it “blast from the past?” Yes, just watch me do it.

So why Chinese Democracy? Well, it’s a controversial album, we’ve just recently interviewed guitarist Bumblefoot, so why not take an objective look at the album. Is it really Guns N’ Roses, or just an elaborate Axl Rose solo album? Is it good, or is it a little crap? Find out after the jump.


Weak Recap: Third time’s a charm

Another week in Metal has gone by, and your favorite Metal site, Dose of Metal, is back to give you an awesome recap of the week. Maybe you missed something, maybe you were too busy having a life and spending time with a real girlfriend to keep up to date. Luckily for you though, there are virgins like myself, that have nothing better to do than spend every waking moment of my life on this site.

So this week, I shall be interviewing Simo. He’s awesome, he’s a place in Finland (According to Wikipedia), and my interview with himself can be found after the jump.


Interview: Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses)

We love it when we get to talk to musicians directly and interview them without third parties involved, and such was the case with Mr. Thal.

We’re proud of all the interviews we’ve done on this site but few interviewees really played along when it came to our unique way of asking questions. Remember Axe?

But Bumblefoot gets this type of humor and he embraces it, this is why this is my favorite Dose Of Metal interview so far.

So if you want to know what a typical day in the life of Bumblefoot is like, what his stage name would have been if his wife wasn’t a veterinarian, what he thinks should happen to us or how many necks a proper guitar should have, make the jump…

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