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More Bring Me The Horizon drama

Bring Me The Horizon

UK’s Daily Mail reports that a guy posing as Bring Me The Horizon‘s frontman Oliver Sykes attempted murder on an American girl. Now, let’s stop for a second.

Fuck the Daily Mail. Continue.

David Russel, a McDonalds employee and huge BMTH fan (the two are usually directly related) met with the victim over Facebook. We’re sure he found some roadkill to put on his head and some sticker tattoos in order to copy Sykes’ apearance. The girl then flew in to Northampton, and he took her to a forest, then slit her throat and stabbed her. Being the ultimate loser that he is, he actually still didn’t manage to kill her, because she somehow escaped. I’m thinking he probably broke a nail or something.

Photo credit: Jeremy Saffer


I predict a riot

Props to Bring Me The Horizon. Words I never thought I would say, despite jokes about their music starting riots, the band handled things pretty well.

Vocalist Oli Sykes was assaulted on stage during the band’s headlining performance last night (Monday, October 3) at In The Venue in Salt Lake City, Utah. Certain members of the crowd began bottling the band, which prompted Sykes to bottle the people in question back following a warning “if you don’t like our band, then get the fuck out”. During this alteration, several “fans” jumped the stage and assaulted the band. It makes for pretty hilarious viewing, so I definitely advise watching the video above.

Honestly though… You’d expect myself, a writer for Dose of Metal (like many of the commenters at Blabbermouth),  to either make wise cracks or support the morons in question, but I have full support for the band. Personally, I find those that heckle or bottle bands to be fucking self-riotous, ignorant human beings. These particular people in question are particularly stupid, however, as they paid to see Bring Me The Horizon at a headlining show. Why would they even do that, if they hate the band so much? Even if it’s just to see a supporting band they like, Oli is right: “don’t like the music, then fuck off”.

Update: Upon reading Oli Sykes blog (why I did that, God only knows), it would appear that Oli claims he ‘didn’t receive so much as a scratch’ and yada-yada, read it for yourself if you care.


Visions of horror

It’s a sad day when I can’t think of a good Bring Me The Horizon joke. I mean, musically at least. I’ve been through so much shitcore in the past week, that basically anything written with more than two-note riffing and less than 432 breakdowns fills the criteria for good. So, there, I (kind of) said it, their new video for Visions is good. I mean, I could probably squeeze in a few mall/Hot Topic jokes in here, but I won’t, this one’s on me.



Clever title, right? Blow me. Let’s talk some headlines, yo:

Slipknot (pictured above) played their first headlining show without Paul Gray two days ago in Berlin. What’s interesting about this performance is that they got their old red suits and old masks for it. Nostalgia alert, if you ever liked them. Make the jump to see a few badly shot videos of the gig. Or don’t. See if I care.

We’ve talked before about Queensrÿche, the band that has two dots over the y, making me go to Wikipedia so I can copy it and paste it here. Their drummer, Marko Syrjälä (argh, here we go again with those dots), talked about the new album and a bunch of other stuff in this interview. Their guitarist,  Mike Wilton, also talked about the new album, but in a statement on their official site. Apparently he’s 100% behind the new record. Gee, what a surprise.

Katatonia have released a free iPhone app. It’s called ‘Katatonia’ (go figure) and you can get it here. The great thing about it is that it lists all the band’s tour dates, so you know which cities to avoid and when. Awesome.

Bruce Dickinson’s son also has a band. And that band will release their debut album in September. Gee, I wonder if who his daddy is played a part in them getting a record deal. Doubtful. In the music industry, it’s not whom you know, it’s simply about talent. Haha,  I crack myself up. Anyways, band is called Rise To Remain, album is called City Of Vultures and you can watch the video of their debut single after the jump.

Machine Head will tour Europe with Bring Me The Horizon, Devildriver and Darkest Hour later this year. In other equally interesting news, I spilled mustard on my favorite shirt today. Dates after the jump.


Bring Me The Horizon just got a bit better

Bring Me The Horizon

How, you may ask? Did they finally step out of puberty and got some proper vocals (seriously, look at that picture, they look 13)? Did they sell their soul to Satan and got some mad skills overnight?

No and no. The only way this band can become better, is if it stops playing, and that’s what going to happen — their drummer Matt Nichols broke his arm during a football accident (Americans: it’s the one where you hit the ball with a foot during the entire game). Harsh? Yes, but to rid you of your fears and anger (all three of you fans reading this), their shows are actually continuing as planned, with Dan Searle of Architects replacing him on drums.

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