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Brian Johnson’s wrist is gonna need fixin’

Brian Johnson, epic frontman of the epic band AC/fucking/DC, has some wrist problems. He will undergo surgery next year, and I could make a lot of jokes as to how he got hurt, but instead I’ll try to challenge myself to think of an AC/DC pun to insert in this post.


Brian’s wrist got thunderstruck when he was shooting to thrill at home, during the big jack. If you want blood, you’ve got it, said his wrist as it sat next to you, girl.

Yeah, pretty awful, but it’s all I got today. Visit a proper metal blog next time you want quality humor.



Brian Johnson goes on tour… Without AC/DC

Brian Johnson is embarking on an American tour, and it isn’t with his band.

He’ll go to 10 different cities to tell stories from his book, “Rockers and Rollers…” Joining him will be Rachel Bolan and Scotti Hill from Skid Row.

Brian just turned 64 this month, so expect a lot of talk about Prostatitis and medication for Prostatitis.

Dates and poster after the jump.


Brian Johnson will sign his own book

Brian Johnson, lead singer of the small indie band AC/DC, has his own 224-page book called Rockers and Rollers: A Full Throttle Memoir.

First of all, 224 pages? What the… I haven’t read 200 pages in total since I learned how to read, how is he expecting me to read 224 in a single one? Jesus.

Anyway, he’s embarking on a book signing tour and if you attend, he will sign your book too, as long as it’s his book. I assume he won’t sign your copy of Dave Mustaine’s memoir or anything, which is a shame.

When I said tour, I really meant three bookstore appearances in New York and New Jersey. Make the jump for full details and the cover.


Brian Johnson wants to drive

I am usually against senior citizens driving around, especially in powerful cars, but Brian Johnson is an exception because he’s in AC/DC. I truly believe being in that band should grant you permission to do anything and everything. Yes, even murder… Anyways:

“AC/DC front man Brian Johnson could be banging doorhandles with V8 Supercar stars Craig Lowndes and James Courtney later this year. The 63-year-old rocker and lead singer of one of the world’s biggest rock band is understood to be in discussions with V8 Supercars heavyweights about a possible one-off drive that would see him line up on the grid of Australia’s largest motor racing series.

Read full article here.

$10 says everyone picking up this news story will make a pun involving “Highway to Hell.” Check out the title of the original story: “AC/DC singer wants highway to V8 heaven.”

O RLY? Highway to V8 heaven? Oh, I know, because the song is called… I get it, I get it… Smart, right? And funny too… Kill me now.

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