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Bret Michaels ain’t holdin’ no grudges, yo

Poison and Mötley Crüe never really got along, because you know, girls fight. They probably used different mascara brands and had an argument over it. You never know with chicks.

But Bret Michaels is being the bigger woman here and saying that he has nothing against the other Spice Girls. He didn’t really call them that, that’s all me, cause I’m trying to stir the pot further.

I want to make it very clear. I’m not a grudge guy, ever. They have said a lot of negative stuff about Poison. Vince (Neil) has toured with me and we’ve ridden motorcycles together. Nikki (Sixx) and Tommy (Lee) have said a lot of negative things about a lot of people, and I was one of them.  […] I don’t know what the rhyme or reason is, I like some of their music. Fans want the tour. I think it could be a great tour for fans if we could just put our feelings aside. I think we can have a great time

Read full interview here.

Bret has a point. I mean, all they need to do is take a look at The Big Four and how successful they’ve been these past two years and they could all meet and put their grudges aside. Maybe exchange Chanel gift cards, too.

Hey, get Bon Jovi and do a Big Faux tour.


Bret is still not healthy

Say what you will about Bret, his wig or his music, but you can’t deny that he’s been pretty optimistic considering his health problems. He’s had some more, by the way:

While recovering from heart surgery, Bret Michaels suffered a massive drop in blood pressure, but his doctor found the cause and the singer is doing better again.

Read full article here.

So after struggling with diabetes his whole life, he’s had a mini-stroke, went into a coma and had heart surgery and he’s still having problems. Listen, I’m not gonna crack any jokes, considering how much shit he’s been through, he seems pretty cool about. I once got an awful cold that kept me in bed for 3 days and I whined like crazy…

Get well soon, Bret. We want to keep making fun of you without feeling guilty about it.


Bret Michaels is famous

Poison frontman and toupée superstar Bret Michaels seems to be famous.

According to People Magazine, he is one of the ‘25 Most Intriguing People of 2010.’
According to Dose Of Metal, no he isn’t.


The worst commercial in the world

I’ve seen a lot of bad commercials, and I’m sure most of you did, as well. But this is THE worst. It reeks of self-indulgence, it’s trying hard to be funny but has the humor of a dying frog, and most annoyingly, has Bret Michaels doing that Zoolander face for half the time.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the most horrendous 1 minute you will have ever experienced. After the jump.

P.S. = The car is kinda cool, imagine the female version of Stephen Hawking patronizing you.


Bret Michaels is modest

Bret Michaels is humble, modest and doesn’t really like being in the spotlight. So in this next interview, he’s not just talking on and on and on about himself and about how big his ratings were on all the reality series he’s been on. Nope, not one bit. Not once. Never…

View the video after the jump and witness modesty at its finest. They show his nude cover picture again so consider yourself forewarned.

P.S. = A cool drinking game you can do, if you want to get wasted. Drink a shot every time he says “awesome.”

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