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Friday Bloodbath

Fridays have been ruined forever, but that doesn’t mean like you need to replay that song over and over again (like I do) then bitch how it sucks. Here’s something fucking real. Bloodbath have posted a song, “Eaten,” from their upcoming live CD/DVD online, and guess what? If you click that play button above, you can watch it.


Bloodbath Over Bloodstock

Bloodbath (the band, not an actual bath of blood, ’cause that would be horrible wouldn’t it?) have already released one amazing live album, but it’s time to start saving your money again, because the band are all set to release another one.

Bloodbath Over Bloodstock is set for release for 25th April 2011. Mark it in your fucking diaries! Now I’m going to copy and paste the press statement, because I’m hungover, and lazy is my middle name (well besides Boris, but Boris isn’t very Metal).

Bloodbath Over Bloodstock’ presents Bloodbath live & in-the-flesh & was filmed in August 2010 at the famed Bloodstock festival – one of the UK’s leading metal events. This DVD offers a pummelling set of ferocious brutality featuring numerous classics & fan favourites from the band’s whole catalogue of releases in an unrelenting death metal attack, including songs from 2008’s highly-acclaimed tornado of blasphemy, ‘The Fathomless Mastery’.

Bloodbath Over Bloodstock’ comes with a wealth of extras, featuring bonus footage taken from PartySan festival in 2008, as well as extensive band member interviews. The artwork was designed by Travis Smith.

Source: Facebook


Friday Top 10: Best live albums

What’s better than listening to your favorite album by your favorite band? Seeing your favorite band live. And what’s better than spending your day watching midget porn? Nothing… uh… I wanted to go somewhere with this… oh yeah! What happens when you combine the first question with the first answer? Not listening to your iPod while you’re at a concert, you dumbass, listening to your favorite band’s live album!

You know why metal bands are the best live performers? Because others aren’t metal. So now I’m listing the best fucking live albums… like… EVER!

Make the jump, you fool!


Dose for Sunday

So, today is Sunday, ‘the day of rest,’ God day if you will, but to me, and many others, Sundays just plain suck. It’s the day you do nothing, just waiting for Monday to come when you have to go back to work, to work a job you hate in order to buy the crap you don’t need.

Have you been to church? No? Well good, fuck that, and welcome to Metal church. Here’s just 5 songs to get you in a better mood, ready for work tomorrow. Check out my 5 songs after the jump.


Interview: Martin "Axe" Axenrot

I recently got to do an email interview with none other than Bloodbath, Opeth and Witchery drummer Martin “Axe” Axenrot.

Special thanks go out to Jasper Schuurmans, who helped making this possible. Blast some Bloodbath and read the interview after the jump.

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