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Review: Bleeding Through – The Great Fire

To many metalheads, they may just be ‘yet another metalcore band’, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Bleeding Through have always stood out for me, personally, because they’re not ‘just another metalcore band’. Yes, they play hardcore, yes they play metal, but Bleeding Through also incorporate sounds often heard more in other sub-genres to help create a more unique vision in the sea of metalcore. Beyond the two previous genres, Bleeding Through also make use of elements found more commonly in Swedish melodic death metal, symphonic black metal, industrial and thrash metal, to name a few.

So if Bleeding Through are that good and that unique, why aren’t they more widely acclaimed? And why do most metalheads still disregard them as another bland metalcore act? Well it probably comes down to how hit and miss Bleeding Through‘s catalog is. The Devin Townsend produced 2008 album Declaration may have been sublime, but other albums have been more lackluster when digested as a whole.

With that said, Bleeding Through released their new album The Great Fire a couple of months back, so make the jump to find out how the band’s latest effort stacks up.


Streaming through — the whole thing

Bleeding Through

We’ve covered Bleeding Through‘s new song stream, and now we’re steppin’ our game up by letting you know you can now stream the entire album right here.

I’m currently listening to the second track, and you know what that means? It means I didn’t stop listening to the album during the first track.


Streaming through

Bleeding Through are streaming a new song on YouTube, and I’m so nice I posted it above. It’s called Goodbye to Death (whaaat?) and it’s from their new album, The Great Fire, out January 31. Play it, crank the volume up, wait for your ears to start… bleeding while you’re straming. #lamepun


Bleeding Through set to complete new album

Bleeding Through, a band amazingly not named after the female menstrual cycle (I prefer the male menstrual cycle personally), will apparently finish work on their brand new album, The Great Fire, today. The record is due for release in early 2012.

Bleeding Through‘s last album was pretty damn good despite only selling around 3,700 copies in its first week in the US, so I’m actually quite looking forward to this. It seems the band have improved with age, yet their sales have taken a dive. I guess that could mostly be attributed to changing markets and the industry shifting, blah blah etc. Sucks though, Bleeding Through are more than what their image perpetuates.


Bleeding Through guitarist knows guitar

Bleeding Through guitarist Dave Nassie will lead an open counseling session for Musicians Institute’s guitar program next Thursday, June 9, from 4-7pm in room MI-201 (does that mean anything to you? Nope, me neither).

I’ve got to be honest though, I have no idea who the Bleeding Through guitarist is, all I know is they have a hot female keyboardist, so excuse me for paying no attention to any of the male members.

The accomplished shredder, who moonlights as a guitar teacher, has been offering lessons to students internationally through the magic of Skype. His brand new YouTube page has accumulated over 50,000 views in less than four days with virtually no promotion through official channels.

Source: Blabbermouth

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