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Behemoth confirmed for UK’s Bloodstock Festival

Behemoth have been confirmed for next year’s Bloodstock Open Air festival in the UK, set to take place August 10-12.

I don’t really have much to say, other than yay. I guess. They’re an awesome band, so great news for UK fans. Damn, news is slow today though.


Nergal pisses off some Christians (part: 147,082)

According to Blabbermouth, The president of Poland’s public TV broadcaster TVP has requested the producer of ‘The Voice Of Poland’ to provide a detailed explanation for the recent “provocative behavior” of  Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski, a judge on the show.

And what was so provocative, you may ask? Well, it seems Nergal made a special guest appearance during the October 1 performance by the Polish band Times New Roman (nope I haven’t heard of them either). Two members of the band turned up on stage in wheelchairs, wearing hospital pajamas and accompanied by nurses. A stage announcer informed the audience that the musicians were physically unable to play the show unless they were “healed.” At which point, Nergal appeared on stage dressed as a clergyman, wearing a sash around his neck. He then laid his hands on the heads of the musicians and “healed” them, before they continued the concert. You can watch the video above.

Braun (nope, me neither) has commented that “Nergal‘s “provocative behavior” showed a lack of respect not only for others’ religious beliefs but also for the sick and the disabled.”

Hang on, hang on. So, wait a minute.You’re saying that Nergal, a man who has undergone leukaemia treatment, and has recently beaten cancer, is “disrespectful” to the ill? Try again. As for religious beliefs, I don’t see how it is so “offensive”, but why is it that religious practitioners feel they can openly criticize things based on their “belief” (like oh I don’t know, say Nergal’s music and acts, or the theory of evolution), despite contradicting evidence, yet no one has a right to criticize religion (or in this case, Catholicism)? It’s time that people start to grow up in the 21st century. As one Blabbermouth user comments, “still stuck in the middle ages? Who cares?”


And now for some Metal… Behemoth unleash video

Hellish Metallers, Behemoth, have finally unleashed the highly anticipated video for ‘Lucifer’. All you need to do to view the awesome video, is click play above. Do it now, or forever regret your grave mistake.

If you liked this post, please feel free to perform a celebratory dance. In fact, if you’re really hardcore and liked this post, then click here for the uncensored video. But please don’t forget the celebratory dance.


Watch the Behemoth ‘Lucifer’ trailer now

You know, I’ve never quite understood the point of music video trailers. The music video isn’t out yet, but you’re going to release a trailer, to what? Drum up hype? Jeeze, it’s not the next ‘Fight Club’, it’s a damn music video. Just release the video when it’s ready.

Seeing as Behemoth kick a whole lot of ass though, I may just let them off. You can check out the trailer for forthcoming single, ‘Lucifer’, above. It’s ground breaking stuff and caused me to have an epiphany whilst watching it.

The full video will be released later this month. Check out Blabbermouth for more information.


Nergal a TV judge?

Nergal, the iconic frontman of the Polish Blackened Death Metallers Behemoth has allegedly signed on to be a judge on Poland’s version of the “hit” American singing competition ‘The Voice’.

Personally, I’ve never heard of ‘The Voice’, but I’d watch a version of what sounds like a shitty American Idol/X Factor rip off in a heart beat for the novelty of seeing Nergal on commercial television. Then I’d shout “sell out” at the TV, because it’s the cool thing to do.

Blabbermouth have more on this story. I’m too busy listening to Demigod to really care.

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