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Guns N' Roses to play Israel

No, not the guys above. The guys that look and sound completely different, but seem to share the same name. I would post a picture of them, but they have like 25 recurring members, and fuck knows who any of them are.

Guns N’ Roses haven’t performed in Israel in 17 years. Although Israel won’t be seeing the band again any time soon, they will soon be “fortunate” enough to witness the shambolic performance of Axl Rose‘s band, that by coincidence happens to share the same name. Hey, they may not have Slash, but they do have like 3 guitarists taking over his role.

According to Ynetnews, Guns N’ Roses will perform two shows in Israel at the end of the year, on December 18 and 19 at the Nokia Arena in Tel Aviv.


Sebastian Bach blasts UK Magazine

Axl Rose‘s equally washed-up girlfriend mate, Sebastian Bach has recently blasted UK magazine, Classic Rock, for an article they published on Skid Row.

One quote from the article Bach didn’t like reads “When Skid Row found Sebastian Bach, they thought they’d found the rock star who could take them to the big time. What they got was an ego that threatened to destroy the band.”

Bach, in addition, claims that the magazine lies in the article by claiming he ‘ refused to be interviewed for this article because he does not want to live in the past, even though his live set is half songs from the first record.’

Funnily enough though, Bach doesn’t deny the fact he refused to be interviewed, instead just stating that his live set doesn’t just feature songs from his first record. Frankly, that may or may not be true, I don’t care. I have as much interest in seeing Sebastian Bach live, as I have in seeing Axl Rose and some hired musicians turn up late, play two songs and then leave the stage because a few members of the crowd are a little bit pissed the band turned up late.

[ Source: Blabbermouth ]


Rose 'N' Friends perform acoustic show in Paris

Either Axl Rose, the nice guy that just doesn’t understand “immigrants and faggots”, has gone senile in his old age, or no one has got round to telling the ginger singer that Guns N’ Roses died over 17 years ago.

Regardless, a band of hired professional musicians and one commercially-minded opportunist insist in making use of the name for what I can only assume is, the music and definitely not the money right?  Axl Rose, now looking more like a Jerry Springer contestant, finally released his Chinese Democracy album in 2008 and has been playing a number of shows since.

If you want to see a really bad tribute band turn up an hour late and then throw onstage hissy fits resulting in the show being cut short, then (hired) Guns N’ Rose may be the band for you.

The washed up Axl Rose and his bandmates recently performed an acoustic set in Paris the other day.  If you want to see some footage from this performance, don’t bother.  They’re shit.  But really, if you do, just click the read more button.

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