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Duff-Man talks

Duff and Axl

No, not the beer mascot superhero from the Simpsons, the dude that played bass for Guns N’ Roses around the time the Simpsons just started out (a few decades ago), Duff McKagan. He answered a few questions regarding his recent performance with his old buddy Axl and the new Guns N’ Roses. We won’t post it here, because we’ve already wasted quite a few kilobytes on this band, and we’re going green. Read it here.


Mugshot mystery

Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses) mugshot

Who is this kid?

Let me help you out: He’s named after a flower, he used to be in a popular rock band ages ago, and lately he’s been most recognized by his dreadlocks. He happens to play in some tribute band, but no one really cares about that. Make the jump and find out.


Axl Rose doesn't like Bentley's

According to TMZ.com Axl Rose got sued by Bentley Financial Services for beating the shit out of a car.

Well, not really but according to the lawsuit, Rose owes the company $73,976.42 in payments and fees on the car, which he returned months after the actual due date and had some serious damage (the car, not Rose).

The car, a 2006 Bentley Flying Spur car,had a cracked windshield, two damaged tires, broken glass on the left rear tail light, two dented doors and a gouged bumper. Also, he allegedly turned in a “mismatched spare key” and a “broken remote key,” and he was 42,397 miles over his contracted limit.

Sounds like a drive-by on Slash gone wrong.

Source: TMZ.com


Adler doesn't kiss Axl's Ass

After months of news relating to Adler kissing Axl‘s ass and constantly talking about his desire for a Guns N’ Roses reunion, the man has switched to frustration, calling Axl a “total baby.”

In other news, Steven also doesn’t seem to like Keyboard players much, saying the only thing he would have allowed if he were still in the band, was one keyboard player, at the side of the stage and wearing a mask.

Adler is still begging for a reunion, so it’s probably not a good idea for him to call Axl a baby and continuingly refer to his former band mates as “assholes”…

Then again, we all know if a GNR reunion actually happened (which it won’t), they would reunite with Matt Sorum anyways…

Source: Blabbermouth


More Guns N' Roses Drama

Does anyone even care about all the stupid childish dramas that revolve around this band and Axl Rose anymore? It seems doubtful. Why am I posting this then? Good question. Man I need a girlfriend, or at least a replacement to my old Britney Spears doll.

Basically some dude sued Axl, then he countersued, then the dude countersued him, then Axl… Yeah you get the point. Yawn. Then Axl cried because the guy called him by his real name, William Bailey, as apposed to some stupid anagram of oral sex.

Do you care? Yes, you do? Then click here.

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