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Andreas Kisser kisses the Big Four

Scott Ian is a dad, so Sepultura‘s Andreas Kisser filled in for him on a bunch of shows. What does he think of the whole experience? Let’s just say he’s probably as excited as Ian’s son.

It was amazing. Anthrax… I mean, all the four bands here are the DNA of my guitar playing. I started listening to them, the heavier music, and I wanted to play the same. They were my teachers. And to be here, it’s just… I don’t think even a dream. I [couldn’t have] dreamt something like that to happen. And the good thing is it’s a very positive situation. Scott is not sick, [he doesn’t have a] a broken arm or something like that. It’s very, very positive. It couldn’t be better. So I’m very honored to be here, by these guys, and jam. We’re having fun.

Read full article here.

I have to agree with him. He’s in an awesome situation. Scott is just taking time for his family so the vibe within the band is very positive, unlike the vibe of a band who just lost a member or stuff like that. Must be pretty awesome.

Photo credit: Caio Paganotti


Random dose of metal: Anthrax

It’s not often that I see a video that is both intentionally and unintentionally funny. ‘Madhouse’ definitely fits in both categories.

Obviously meant to be humorous, the video features ridiculous scenes which are kinda funny, in a ‘ain’t that silly? lol’ kind of way.

But there’s nothing making me laugh more than the image of Scott Ian with more hair on his head than on his chin. Or the super high-tech intro.

How do those cabinets appear there? It’s MAGIC. It’s not like they turned the camera off, added another one, turned it back on and so forth. They probably had ILM working on it or some shiz.


Die, Die Their Darlings

Just one day after I posted my mini-rant about Lombardo and his lame excuse for not playing the “Big Four jam,” the bands performed together yet again on the Italian gig.

As my stupid title suggests, they performed “Die, Die My Darling” now. Apparently they only perform covers that Metallica have recorded before. Weird.

Of course, not all members of Slayer joined in but hey, at least the jam happened. I’m sure crappy cellphone footage will surface soon.


Anthrax – Always fighting

In December of 2007, it was announced that Dan Nelson, former vocalist of Devilsize and Inside Hollow, would be the new singer for Anthrax, after the departure of Joey Belladonna and John Bush respectively.

Nelsonthrax started writing the follow-up to We’ve Come For You All — which was ironically called a comeback album — in 2008.

Worship Music is not only the first Anthrax album since 2003, it’s an album that was written three years ago with Dan Nelson (who also wrote a bunch of the music) on vocals and was then completely re-recorded with Joey Belladonna.

Make the jump to read me ranting about one of my favorite bands, their upcoming album Worship Music and their recent online release ‘Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t.’


Video of the Week: Anthrax

‘Only’ is probably the most popular song of John Bush era Anthrax. Metallica’s James Hetfield called ‘Only’ the perfect song and I can’t say I disagree.

‘Only’ was the lead single of Anthrax’s 6th studio album Sound Of White Noise, the first album with John Bush as their vocalist after Joey Belladonna was fired in 1992.

The song is a crowd favorite up to this very day, with Joey Belladonna performing the song for the first time with the band in 2010 as part of the Big Four “tour.”

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