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Corey Taylor brings teh lulz again

I love Corey Taylor, the guy is just a goldmine of funny articles, Dose of Metal owes most of its existence to him, because he’s just so easy to mock write about.

So like, I was wondering when 2012 would bring us more funny Corey Taylor interviews, but Corey doesn’t disappoint, he delivered RIGHT AWAY. This time he’s talking about the upcoming Stone Sour album:

Our ultimate goal is a double concept album, which the only way I can describe it is The Wall meets  Dirt on steroids. And I think it’s gonna be fantastic. And if I can pull it off, it’s gonna be the biggest thing we’ve ever done in our career.

See interview after the jump.

Wow, Pink Floyd meets Alice in Chains… ON STEROIDS! This just sounds amazing, probably a masterpiece in the making…

For once I’d like some honesty from musicians, something like “Yeah, this album will be Limp Bizkit‘s Chocolate Starfish meets Linkin Park‘s Meteora” or something. But no, everyone always shoots for bands like Pink Floyd.

Which reminds me, didn’t Fred Durst once describe LB’s upcoming album as Pink Floyd meets Pantera? Maybe it’s just a nu-metal thing, name-drop Pink Floyd and another credible band in your interviews.


Metalheadlines: Kill me now edition

That photo above will give me nightmares for the following weeks. Boner killer.

Lady Gaga (pictured above) keeps trying to fool us into thinking she likes metal. She keeps using Iron Maiden‘s name, too, which is total blasphemy. We’ve heard your songs, bitch, the only thing metal about you is the cage I’d put you in, given the chance.

Devildriver‘s bassist, Aaron “Bubble” Patrick, was injured. I’m sorry to hear that, and I wish him a speedy recovery. But being the glass-half-full guy that I am,  I’m looking on the bright side: Their tour is on hold.

Gwar lead singer (and I use the term singer very, very loosely) got canned from Fox News because he pulled a stunt where he decapitated Sarah Palin, or something. Getting fired from that channel is a bit like getting fired as a janitor. If you’re not even good at the worst job in the world, what on Earth are you good at? I didn’t even know you had a job there, but I laugh at you, Oderus Urungus!

Chickenfoot bassist says new Chickenfoot album has ‘more meat.’ PETA are gonna have a blast with this band.

Alice In Chains are working on new music. That’s not the only bad news, they also use Heart‘s Ann Wilson as their PR agent. Ann called their new music ‘amazing,’ so that should give you a hint about her taste in music.

Sepultura‘s new album, Kairos, sold 2,500 copies in the U.S. in its first week of release. That’s 700 copies more than Megadeth‘s Peace Sells reissue. MAJORLOLZ.

And finally, Anthrax‘s upcoming studio effort, Worship Music, has a pre-order bundle ready. You know what that means? It means that if you pre-order it, you get a bundle of joy in your life. I’m as funny as Lady Gaga‘s small penis.


Some headlines…

Chimaira (pictured above) lost their keyboardist. His name is Chris Spicuzza and I have no idea if he’s actually in the photo above or not. It says he’s also a programmer… I didn’t know metal bands needed coders.

August Burns Red (who?) set a title for their upcoming album. It’s called Leveler and it’s due on June 21st. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were in that band, I’d release all my shit in August.

Trivium are also working on a new album. In fact, they’re almost finishing it. This is about as exciting as finding our you need an anus operation.

In Flames are also releasing something. For fuck’s sake, everyone’s releasing everything right now. Anyway, these guys are releasing a digital single on May 10th and if you’re anxious about it, blow me.

Alice In Chains will make a special concert announcement next week. It’s still ‘this week’ where I live so no point discussing this yet.


R.I.P. Mike Starr

Mike Starr

I wish this was my brutal sense of humor and that I’m just fucking around, but it’s not. Mike Starr, former Alice in Chains bass player, has been found dead in his home in Salt Lake City. He was 44.

Members of Alice in Chains have issued a statement on the loss of their former band-mate, as well as members of Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue and Dream Theater.

No official statement has been released about the cause of death, though in the light of recent events, we can strongly speculate that it was a drug overdose.



Metal Militia strikes again

Mike Starr

When I say “Metal Militia,” I actually mean cops who are busting on musicians. *queue Cops theme song*

So, we already know Paul Di’Anno will probably spend some time in prison for tax benefit frauds; last week Vince Neil started serving his 15-day sentence for DUI and speeding charges. And the latest victim of doing crimes and getting caught for it: former Alice in Chains bass player, Mike “Gangstarr” Starr. Apparently, he was caught with an illegal substance. At first we thought cops busted him with a Creed CD, but it was just unknown drugs. What will the Celebrity Rehab starr do when someone pays his $20.000 bail and he gets out? Will he appear in another season? Seriously speaking for a second, someone’s addiction isn’t anything to be laughed at, even though we’re kind of past that point already. Oh well now… Make the jump and see the mugshot.

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