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AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd is a stoner

Two days ago, Phil Rudd, Drummer of AC/DC, was convicted in the Tauranga District Court for possession of cannabis found on his launch, Barchetta, on October 7. He was convicted for possessing 27 grams of cannabis.

Like a true stoner, Rudd is paranoid (haha… no wait, wrong band). In an interview with Stuff.co.nz, Phil said the following;

“They (police) have been trying to catch me on the road for a while too.”

Sure Phil, the police has nothing better to do than to follow aging rockstars to bust them for possession of 27 grams of cannabis.

Angus Young, who lives in the Netherlands, had no comment. I wonder why.


No AC/DC trading cards


Seriously, trading cards? Has the Pokemon generation grown old enough to listen to AC/DC? Not too sure what I think of this, there are more important things I’d spend my money on (like, I saw this best gift I could buy on Farmville). Official announcement of the project getting frozen:

“We regret to announce that the AC/DC product has been postponed indefinitely. We will let you know if the situation changes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.”

More info after the jump.


AC/DC Download an award

When I first heard about this, I just assumed AC/DC were cheap, technology had advanced, and the band had just downloaded an award. Turns out I was wrong though.

Apparently, the band have won the UK ‘Headline Performance Of The Year’ award, for their performance at this year’s Download Festival. It was indeed awesome (but that was mostly because I was there), but they don’t have a lot to rival them. Who’s their next biggest rival to the award? Guns N’ Posers turning up an hour late at Reading and then throwing a hissy fit when they get cut off? Hardly.

Well, speaking on behalf of everyone at DoM, congratulations AC/DC and to Download for their award.

P.S. Did I mention I was there?


Have a look at AC/DC

Live music, just simply awesome am I right? But, what’s nearly as good as hearing and seeing a band live in person? A live CD? Maybe even a live DVD? Nah, forget that, because AC/DC have an even better idea, as soon you lucky fans will be able to get your mitts on a “totally awesome” Black Ice World Tour 2008-2010′ Limited-Edition Photo Book!

Now, no longer will you have to put up with the horrid sounds of the OAPs attempting to sound like their former selves, you can just buy this book (that will no doubt cost more than any CD or DVD) and look at the pretty pictures, whilst listening to Gorgoroth or whatever you kids are into these days. Why would you want to listen to live music anyways? It’s all about the totally awesome pictures of a 60 year old man dressed in a school uniform… Mmmm *drool*… Sorry, I drifted off there!

Get the photobook from here. See where I stole this “news” from here.


AC/DC homes for sale

AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams is selling two of his houses. Since AC/DC is the top ticket selling artist in the world, we can only assume he’s selling them to buy a few castles, or maybe an Eastern European country. He can’t be having money issues… Then again, he is the bassist.

Cliff Williams is selling two of his properties. The Wall Street Journal reports that Williams has listed his Savannah, Georgia townhouse and a Fort Myers, Florida home. The Georgia townhouse is a restored home that was originally built in 1872.

Read the full article  here to feel bad about yourself.

I barely have enough money to go to Starbucks. This guy is selling and buying property for millions. Is life fair? No it fucking isn’t.

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