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Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Loudness War

Who’s the loudest of them all? Is it AC/DC? No, it’s not AC/DC. In fact, Justin Bieber is much louder than AC/DC.

What the fuck am I talking about? Loudness war. So yeah, take that fist you had pointed at me back. There’s a geeky event called Dynamic Range Day, and the guys behind it have took some of the most memorable (and/or simply loudest) albums, and made a little graph that shows how albums got progressively louder over the course of the past few decades (and I’d say musically worse, but who’s asking for my opinion).

Wondering who’s the first on the list? Well, click that “continue reading” button then. But trust me, you know.


AC/DC live album and DVD

AC/DC are a great live band and thus any DVD they release is bound to be amazing. Fact. Also, I’m pretty handsome. Fact.

We’ve got a new live album which we shot in Argentina at the end of the last tour, which was about September. There was 300,000 people there, and it was just wonderful. We had about 12 cameras there and a great sound crew, and we just enjoyed the heck out of it.  […] The live album comes out, with the video of those concerts, in about six weeks or something. So I’m looking forward to that. said Brian Johnson in an interview.

Read full interview here. Never mind, there’s no source for this. Could be all a lie!!!!

Umm so Blabbermouth posted this but without any actual proof so if they’re wrong, we’re wrong. In other words, if this isn’t true, we’ll just blame them.

The concerts Brian talking about are from December of 2009. Three sold out gigs of about 65,000 people each. I’m no math genius but 65,000 x 3 = 195,000. So Brian is off by 105,000 people in his estimation. Also, fans usually buy tickets to all the consecutive gigs so I’m pretty sure most of the crowd stayed about the same. So hardly the ‘300,000 people’ he was talking about.

Why would you need to exaggerate crowd figures when you’re in AC/DC? It’s like Shaquille O’Neal wearing high heeled shoes to make himself look taller. Or myself getting penis enlargement surgery. When your numbers are already huge, no need to go over the top.


Brian Johnson wants to drive

I am usually against senior citizens driving around, especially in powerful cars, but Brian Johnson is an exception because he’s in AC/DC. I truly believe being in that band should grant you permission to do anything and everything. Yes, even murder… Anyways:

“AC/DC front man Brian Johnson could be banging doorhandles with V8 Supercar stars Craig Lowndes and James Courtney later this year. The 63-year-old rocker and lead singer of one of the world’s biggest rock band is understood to be in discussions with V8 Supercars heavyweights about a possible one-off drive that would see him line up on the grid of Australia’s largest motor racing series.

Read full article here.

$10 says everyone picking up this news story will make a pun involving “Highway to Hell.” Check out the title of the original story: “AC/DC singer wants highway to V8 heaven.”

O RLY? Highway to V8 heaven? Oh, I know, because the song is called… I get it, I get it… Smart, right? And funny too… Kill me now.


Bon Jovi, Hetfield and Bono are rich

According to Reuters, Jon Bon Jovi, James Hetfield and Bono are better at life than you, because they made a lot of money this year with their band while you work a crappy job and barely make any money. Not enough to make you kill yourself? Fine, let’s bring in the numbers…

– Bon Jovi grossed $201.1 million
– AC/DC grossed $177 million.
– U2 grossed $160.9 million.
– Lady Gaga was No. 4 this year with $133.6 million.
– Metallica was No. 5 with $110.1 million from 60 overseas shows.

Full article here.

Leaving all jokes aside, U2, Bon Jovi, AC/DC and Metallica as the top touring acts isn’t a bad thing considering all the dreadful music which is out today. Which brings me to Lady Gaga. WHAT THE FUCK?

The uglier version of Marilyn Manson who makes repetitive bubblegum pop music with SNES instrumentals brings in as much cash as the big boys? This world is going down the drain.

When asked if she gets a shriveled penis from stage fright, Lady Gaga had no comment.


Tuesday Trivia: The one where we couldn’t avoid Christmas

Evil Santa

…and decided that if we can’t beat them, we should join them. Christmas can be metal. Make the jump and find out why.

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