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Kids say the darndest things. Scott Ian says The Damned Things (pictured above). You see what I did there? Hehehe… Anyways, this band gave an interview which you can watch after the jump. That’s it, not much else to add. This isn’t CNN, you know.

Accept frontman Mark Tornillo said “We have every intention of making more records.” Dose Of Metal said “We don’t have any intentions to buy any of them.” Then he started bragging about his deal with Nuclear Records and stuff, read full interview here and witness the modesty.

Primal Fear are hitting South America like a hurricane. Only they don’t destroy houses, just eardrums. Anyway, check out the dates after thy jump.

Dave Wyndorf’s name makes him sound like he’s the CEO of a surfboard manufacturer. He’s actually the vocalist for Monster Magnet. He also gave this interview where he said the new album was meant to be played live. Of course it was, live shows is where the money is right now in the music industry.

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