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The Russian way

From time to time I feel the urge to blow some dust off of some more or less obscure band, just because I’m feeling nostalgic, or perhaps because I think that particular band deserves a bit more exposure. My criteria are, of course, highly questionable and debatable.

In this particular case, one can’t quite use the word “obscure” in describing Aria. They’re Russian and they’re quite past their prime, true, but when one of your songs is a duet with the gruffest, meanest German heavy metal voice this side of the Cold War, Udo Dirkschneider of Accept and U.D.O. fame, you’re one step closer to the light. The video above stands proof.

But, when this already solid piece of a metal ballad is further covered by Rammstein‘s Till Lindemann and Richard Z. Kruspe, you can safely assume you’ve reached some level of celebrity. Right?

Hear the cover below. It doesn’t matter if you already heard it, there’s always room for one more listen:


Friday headlines and shit…

Floridian Metallica cover band metal band Trivium (pictured above) finished recording their new album. Where do you think they recorded it? Florida, duh. There’s some footage of Matt Heafy recording vocals, so if you want to see it, make the jump off a bridge.

Unearth, the band whose name sounds like something Al Gore would preach about, are also recording an album. It’s called ‘Darkness In The Light‘ and it’s coming out this summer. I wish all bands would name their albums with an oxymoron. Can you imagine Slayer? ‘Kerry King Slim.’

Another band that starts with the prefix ‘un-,’ Unexpect, is releasing an album. It’s called ‘Fables Of The Sleepless Empire‘ and it sounds like something Peter Jackson would direct. Track listing and artwork here.

Geddy Lee of Rush is also preaching about a new album. Gee, is he gonna use  new album pep clichés  like ‘heavier’ and ‘diverse’? You betcha.

There is pro footage of Accept performing ‘Neon Nights’ at Hammerfest and boy, I sure ain’t excited about it. In fact, who are these guys? Make the jump for the video if you’ve ever heard of them.

Speaking of bands you’ve never heard of, Communic also have a new album out called ‘The Bottom Deep.’ I could tell you when it’s coming out and what the tracks are, but I’m not gonna. 8==D


Jingle Balls to the wall, man

There’s a serious lack of metal christmas songs. Maybe because christian holidays aren’t really metal. The birth of Jesus Christ simply isn’t metal, his death on the other hand… but who wants a metal easter song? All with Varg Vikernes dressed up as an easter bunny.

The easter bunny brings eggs (why the fuck ever) and eggs, in German, is a synonym for balls and what’s the best metal song about balls? Accept’s ‘Balls to the Wall’. Great transition, Guido. Thank you.

So for this year’s christmas, Udo Dirkschneider teamed up with EMP, a German Hard Rock and Metal mailorder company, where I got my very first bandshirt from. You’re wondering what it was? A Slipknot shirt. Sadly, I can’t find a picture of it anywhere online. Am I embarassed it was a Slipknot shirt? No, because I don’t have it anymore.

Sorry, I got carried away there. So what did Udo and EMP team up for? You guessed it (you smart little fella), a christmas song, called ‘Jingle Balls,’ which also incorporates ‘Balls to the Wall’. Check it out after the jump.


A few interviews

Aaron Lewis (Staind)

Wouldn’t it be fun to read and see a shitload of interviews? Yes? It’s your lucky day:

Megadeth‘s drummer (too lazy to check for the name and you probably don’t care) checked into a drum clinic. So many sick drummers today. See what he talked about here.

Aaron Lewis of Staind is as fat as ever, and he’s promoting his new solo, country flavored album. Shoot me, then see the stuff here.

Airbourne also had a few minutes to speak for some Swedish web site. Click to see it.

Accept frontman Mark Tornillo talked about his “rock scene”. Video can be found here.

And finally, “made of metal” Rob Halford talked for The Governor’s Ball. You know the drill.


Three interviews to get you going

Dino Cazares of Fear Factory and Divine Heresy is appropriately named ‘Dino,’ if you ask us. We just hope that photo doesn’t cause our server to crash. Anyway, someone interviewed him, so watch that after the jump…

Oderus Urungus of Gwar also got interviewed.I didn’t look at his stupid mask/costume though, I looked at the lady with the big tits. Not sure if she should be dressed as an angel, even if we suspend our disbelief to assume religion isn’t a lie, there’s still a thing called gravity and I doubt those small wings can carry such a husky ‘messenger of God.’ Anyway, also watch after the jump.

Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann (damn, Dino… Wolf… Is everyone fucking named after an animal?) also got interviewed, but only in audio form, so it’s less fancy. Don’t bother making the jump for this, just go here and listen to it.

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