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Anvil also got interviewed

Yeah baby, keeping it minimalistic today.


Dimmu Borgir got interviewed.

Slow news this weekend, and very lazy writers… So I’m gonna post a bunch of video interviews cause they require little to no effort on my part.



Beavis and Butthead + Metallica

Classic. Even though I’m not really impressed with the new episodes…


A Hommeless Kyuss performs…

Kyuss reunited without the only Kyuss member who’s still relevant — Josh Homme. So they’re basically Hommeless. GET IT? LOLZ

Anyway, I am not a big fan of Kyuss, so imagine my not giving much of a crap about Kyuss Lives!.

But we do have some footage of them performing above, so enjoy it if you’re into that kind of stuff…



Winter warmer

“You lie in the snow.  Cold, but not dead…”   – ‘Burn’ by Neurosis

Winter is the darkest time of the year.  It is marked by death: plants shrivel and fade, weaker animals starve, and the natural world slows to a veritable crawl.  Despite this, I find some peace in this process, as I know it is both ephemeral and necessary; a cleansing in preparation for rebirth.   Civilization, though it has tried, has not freed us from these natural rhythms.

The music of Neurosis embodies this progression; the passing of the old to make way for the new.  They are often described as a force of nature, but in reality they are just a reflection – as is all good art.

The Eye of Every Storm is their most primal album.  Stripped of the apocalyptic, layered sound of previous works, ‘Eye’ is open, raw, and human.  It is men coming to terms with their place in the natural order of things.   Eventually, we all must do this.    Winter is the time for such contemplation.

So start a fire, pour yourself a dark ale (currently Pyramid’s “Snow Cap Winter Warmer” for me), and grow a beard while Neurosis guides you through the winter.  You’re cold, but not dead.

Check out a YouTube playlist here.

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