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Guns N’ Roses play ‘Civil War’ live for the first time since the 90s

They haven’t played this song live since 1993. In other interesting news, I shaved my testicles this morning, and noticed my ball hair grows unevenly.


Death metal dog moshes to Vital Remains

If you ever get bored of the same old metal videos, why not watch the video above of a dog moshing to some death metal? It goes fucking crazy.

The song is ‘Dechristianize’  by American death metallers, Vital Remains.


Machine Headshot

Phil Demmel, Machine Head‘s guitarist, got a shoe to his machine head two days ago in Belgium. Then he got pissed and walked off.

Some dumbass threw it, and he’s either a really good thrower, or a very lucky one. Either way, I don’t endorse throwing shit at shows, but I do endorse capital punishment for people who do that. Still, the jokes I could write about the word ‘head’ in the band’s name and the shoe that hit it… Damn… This is a goldmine.

Anyway, I wanted to take that video and add the most appropriate sound effect ever, but I am way too lazy. So here, play this exactly as the shoe hits his head:

Source: Blabbermouth


Judas Priest rig rundown

Ever wondered what Judas Priest‘s rig was like during their Epitaph tour? Well, me neither, but watch the video, dammit.

Another one after the jump.


Alter Bridge have a video interview

Alter Bridge got interviewed.
Whoever interviewed them uploaded the clip on YT.
Blabbermouth posted about it.
Alex read it on Blabbermouth.
Alex decided to post it here, too, in spite of being a day too late and pretty uninteresting.
You are now reading this lazy article.
I’ve wasted your time.

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