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Thursday’s full dose of metal

We’ve always posted live clips on this site, but we’ve never posted a FULL concert. I guess it’s time.

Iron Maiden live @ Donnngton 2007.

One hour. Forty minutes. Seventeen seconds. All of pure raw metal awesomeness.



What happened at Dimebash 2011

Artisan News posted a video about what happened at this year’s Dimebash… They can tell the story way better than I can, plus, they filmed the whole thing. So why don’t I just stop typing and let you watch the video?

Or maybe I should just keep talking… Well, I went home the other day and found my water running… I panicked for a second, then I realized the stench of my awesome shit was gone, so I figured the water must have magically erased it somehow.

So I keep the water running all the time now, especially after I take an awesome burrito-driven shit in the morning… I recommend this thing, it’s way better than lighting a match…

For more information on my toilet habits, keep watching this space.


Shitty Corey Taylor interview with horrible sound

I’ve seen more professionally looking videos from 10 year olds playing with their dad’s iPhones, so I have no idea who these guys are, but they managed to make Corey Taylor sound even more annoying with their awful sound recording. If you like bad sound and ‘click click click’ noise, well, then you probably listen to Slipknot — so the interview above is for you.


The couple that played Metallica songs at their weddings jammed with Metallica.

Remember the clip above? Two awesome people with a passion for music and Metallica played “Master of Puppets” at their wedding. Metallica invited them to jam with them on their anniversary shows. Isn’t that sweet?

I wish my wife was into Metallica and could play an instrument. Imaginary wives don’t really do much so, tough luck 🙁

Video of the performance after the jump.


I miss Jason Newsted

“Harvester of Sorrow,” with Jason… I miss the old days.

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