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Tuesday Trivia: Max

Max Cavalera

This Tuesday, we deal with Max Cavalera (once again). And yes, anything to put in the post title with Max would make it sound too cheesy. Max Bomb. Max Volume. Max Trivia. See? So I just left it Max.

No, we’re not counting how many words and words combinations he used in all the songs he made in his long career (15, if you’re really interested, and that includes aargh and uuurgh), nor will be counting how many children and step-children he’s had as guest artists on his various projects (I couldn’t be bothered to count that one).

No, we deal with a different Max today. Read on.


Tuesday Trivia: The most fucked up

I’m taking over. For this week only, I’m taking over Simo’s Tuesday Trivia to cover the most fucked up man in the history of Rock, GG Allin. Varg Vikernes, Niklas Kvarforth and Marilyn Manson (ha!) have nothing on this guy.

I need to inform you first that some of the content after the jump is not safe for work so do yourself a favor and read this when you’re at home, preferably when children aren’t around.


Tuesday Trivia: Long, longer, longest


Last week, I promised you guys a proper metal trivia. Well, here we are, I’m almost past my deadline, and I needed to figure out something fast. So, where do I turn in times like these?

Easy, Manowar. They’re easy enough to take a cheap uninteligable laugh at, they’re metal enough to make your average metalhead happy, and they have plenty of trivia for me to exploit. So, make the jump, and beware, the following article makes plenty use of the following words: Manowar, long, longer, longest and coming. See, its writing itself.


Tuesday Trivia: It really whips the llama’s ass

A llama, bitches

This week’s Tuesday Trivia deals with a band, a computer program, and two animated series. You’re probably starting to figure out by the post title, but in case you’re not a geek, make the jump. And yeah, what the fuck does a llama have to do with metal? Well, DoM works in mysterious ways, just read on.


Tuesday Trivia: Lucky Number …

Group photo

Over the past few days, there were heavy rumors of Corey Taylor joining Velvet Revolver behind the microphone (lolwat). After reading the news, three thoughts went through my head: 1) This is the end of Slipknot; 2) I need to take a crap; 3) Corey’s comments were (somewhat) interesting.

After I left the toilet, I came back to reading the article. So, what Corey basically says is that he’s kind of outgrown Slipknot (he’s not that whiny kid anymore, now he’s a douschy adult) and that the band lost a huge part when Paul Gray died. Well, with all respect to Paul (may he rest in piece), he might have contributed more than the others, but he’s still a member of a band that can loose half its members and not many people would notice.

Which got me thinking: Can Slipknot continue even if Corey leaves (I think a few people would jump with joy at news of them having a new vocalist)? Does anyone really care at this point (I think a few more people would jump with joy at news of them breaking up)? And finally, the theme of today’s trivia: is there a band on this planet that has more (useless) members than Slipknot?

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