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Tuesday Trivia: The most listened to metal band ever


First of all, iPods don’t have any commercials with metalheads, so blame Apple, not me. Anyway, in his Weak Recap a few weeks back, Guido joked stated that we are super-awesome. Something like the super-heroes of metal. And no, not that Kiss movie… Lulz.

He was right, though — we’re all-knowing, and tonight only, I’m dropping knowledge and revealing the metal’s best kept secret – which metal band is the most played one ever. Hurry, make the jump.


Tuesday Trivia: Napalm Death are educational

This is just too weird not to get a mention on this website. Apparently, there is a clip on YouTube of Napalm Death appearing on a musical/educational TV program.

What’s the big deal about that? Well, make the jump and find out.


Tuesday Trivia: A curse that went from theater to metal

Have you ever heard of The Scottish Play? It’s a name for William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Why would anyone want to call it the Scottish Play instead of Macbeth? Well, the reason is as simple as interesting: according to a theatrical superstition, called the Scottish Curse, speaking the name Macbeth inside a theater will cause disaster. Actors got hurt and even killed and people attributed that to the curse.

What does that have to do with metal? Well, there’s a German band called Macbeth (there are actually two German bands called Macbeth but I’m talking about the Heavy Metal band, not the Power Metal band) and when you’re reading the band’s biography, it just seems like the poor guys are cursed.

The band was formed in East Germany in 1985. They were one of the first metal bands from the GDR (German Democratic Republic) and the authorities weren’t fans of the band, to put it nicely. At a concert in 1986, the band wasn’t allowed to play an encore. Afterwards the authorities forbade the band to ever play again, annulled the band’s tour bus license and terminated the band’s rehearsal room lease contract. Why? Well, metal is evil and all that jazz.

So you could call that bad luck, as probably multiple bands from the GDR had to go through that but it doesn’t stop there. The band illegally reunited several times after that and in the fall of 1989, shortly after singer Detlev Wittenburg was released from jail (for reasons unrelated to the band), they played two farewell concerts. Wittenburg commited suicide by hanging in December of 1989 and Macbeth broke up. They reunited in 1993 to play a couple of gigs, just to split-up again after the band’s drummer Rico Sauermann commited suicide by jumping from a house to his death.

You be the judge if you can attribute that to a curse or simply extremely bad luck. I for one don’t believe in curses, unless you consider Linkin Park a curse, but I can’t help but be fascinated by that coincidence.

Macbeth finally reunited in 2004 and released two albums since. Make the jump for a video of ‘Das Boot,’ a song off their latest release ‘Gotteskrieger.’


Tuesday Trivia: Killing in the name of…

Killing in the name of

So, what do you get when you combine Metallica and Linkin Park? St. Anger? Kind of, but not what I’m talking about. Summer Sanitarium tour 2003? Well, that happened, but again, not the point of this article. What exactly is the point of this article?

Actually, this piece of trivia doesn’t have a direct correlation between the two. There’s a third party involved which is the bond. I know you’re interested, well read on.


Tuesday Trivia: Got djent?

Got djent?

Yeah, got djent? Do you even know what the fuck djent is? Well, read on and find out.

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