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Tuesday Trivia: Of parodies and weed

Cannabis Corpse


There is something about parodies that doesn’t always sit right with me. But that’s probably because I grew up watching things like Scary Movie (which was even tolerable) inspire a generation of idiotic excuses for 70 minutes of “entertainment.” Since everything I ever wrote on this website is a weak rehash of someone else’s jokes, I’ll just tell you to check out Maddox’s amazing video on the subject, so we can turn to the more important things. Things like metal.


Tuesday Trivia: 44 Minutes

You guys remember our Tuesday Trivia, right? Well, it was Simo’s creation, and he took a leave of absence from the interwebs, so we decided not to do it weekly anymore. Can’t step on other people’s toes, you know?

But from time to time, we will write one, and it’s that time again. So brace yo’selves, bitches, Alex is gonna learn you something today.

Today’s TT focuses on Megadeth‘s song ’44 Minutes.’ You know it, you like it, but do you know what it’s about?

The name itself is from a movie, a movie which documents one of the most intense shootouts L.A.P.D. has ever seen. A shootout that lasted 44 minutes and ended with both robbers dead. But what do the lyrics mean, what happened in the real shootout and how good is the actual movie? Make the jump to find out.


Tuesday Trivia: Smelling Fear in the Teen Factory

Now, if the headline above isn’t just the greatest headline of all time, then I might just have to lay off the weed. And, depends on if you’re stoned yourself or not, you might have already figured out what, or rather whom, this article is about. But, just in case, I’ll break it down for you.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ + Fear Factory + weed = Smelling Fear in the Teen Factory

Worked for me.

But anyhow, now you know whom this article is about. Are you wondering just what the two (the Nirvana song and Fear Factory) have to do with each other? Well, make the jump to find out.


Tuesday Trivia: The longest Metal songs ever

So it’s that time again, it’s the weekly feature, Tuesday Trivia, which, erm, we haven’t actually done in a couple of weeks now. Apologies about that, but we are all regular guys, with day jobs, and we’ve all been super busy recently (did I just say super busy? Ugh never mind). But what do you care? I know, I need to stop babbling.

So what’s this week’s Tuesday Trivia on? Well, Metal as a general rule, is an ambitious genre and bands are always trying to out do eachother. Metal also doesn’t confine itself to “rules” and if they want to write a song that’s longer than the average length (which is 3:30 for those interested), then they’ll damn well do it. So, with that in mind, this week’s Trivia is about the longest Metal tracks.

Make the jump for the longest article ever (just kidding, it’s not that long).


Tuesday Trivia: Metal Terror

Counter Terrorists WIN... this round.

A few weeks back, Osama Bin Laden was killed in an action by an US army team. And while we wait for Disney to make a game out of it (fo’ real-real), I’ll be spending time answering the question that you probably have right now in your heads: What the fuck does that have to do with metal?

Well, make the jump, I’ll let you in on the secret.

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