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Birthday Giveaway 2

So we’re also giving away a few Rising Pain EPs and posters, and the Hemoptysis album.

Even if you en the first giveaway, you are still allowed to enter this one as well, so make the jump and find out more!


Happy birthday to us!

As you probably read in the post below this one, today is our birthday. Our first birthday, to be exact.

Yes, exactly one year ago we bought this domain and decided to make fools of ourselves by trying to ‘write’ a blog. 12 months later, we’re still going for it at a pretty reasonable pace (an average of 5 posts per day). We’ve also written about over 1,000 bands or artists. That’s pretty good, ain’t it?

Let’s hope there are many more years to come, because we really enjoy doing this.

Some cool giveaways are coming your way soon, it’s just Saturday and I’m too lazy to post about them. Sorry.




P.S. = Holy shit, this is our 2,001th post. Tomorrow marks 10 years since the 2001 attacks. ARE WE THE FUCKING ILLUMINATI? OMFG OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2,000th post

That’s right, fuckers, this is our 2,000th post. What’s great about it is, this historic milestone in metal blogging coincides with our very own birthday: We’re turning 1 today!

It’s hard to imagine what the world wide web was like before we came along last September, but it was probably the same, just without one more badly-written, pretentious blog that tries to talk about metal.

Anyway, we’re gonna give some free shit for you guys, and we’ll pretty much be inebriated 24/7. Well, we’re always inebriated, so it’s not like this is a special occasion or anything, but just saying.

Since we wrote exactly 2,000 posts in exactly one year, that would mean we average at about  5.4 posts a day. That’s not bad, turn that to inches and it’s my dick size — FROM THE GROUND UP (HAHAH, PRICELESS!!!!111)

So yeah, that’s about all I had to say. Have a great day and thanks for checking this site and helping us get to the number 1 spot on “Best metal blogs of all time!” — It really means a lot that our work has been rewarded with an award, even though we created the award ourselves and self-proclaimed us the winners. It still counts, so thank you!

Expect some cool shit this weekend, and by ‘cool’ I obviously mean ‘mediocre to bad.’


Buh bye, suckaz!

– The illiterate team of writers behind Dose of Metal


Random dose of metal…

In case you didn’t notice, we’ve been a bit busy lately, so we apologize for the lack of frequent updates.

You are seeing here an amazing clip of Iron Maiden live which should make you forget about how lazy we are.

Anyways, truly sorry for not updating this site as much as we should but we’re doing this for fun, we have jobs and personal lives to take care of too, so from time to time all of us will have busy schedules at the same time. Blah blah blah, enough corny shit, bitch.

Enjoy the Argentinian crowd singing “Fear Of The Dark” louder than the band.


It’s Easter! Be our friends!

There’s no denying it… The internet has moved to Facebook and Twitter. So being the cool, up-to-date, hipster metalheads that we are, we’re there as well. So why don’t you do the Easter Bunny a huge favor by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter? Can you really afford to miss out important updates and new amazing articles? I think not.


Twitter: @DoseOfMetal


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