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Review: Revoker – Revenge for the Ruthless

In more recent years, Wales (that small village in the western part of England that likes to think it’s a separate country, for those outside the UK unaware) has often been cited as a hotspot for modern elite Rock and Metal bands. In reality, it’s not. They’ve given us such “unique” (read: Shit) bands as Lostprophets, Funeral for a Friend, Bullet for My Valentine and Skindred (and at this point I’m going to have to stop before I puke), so believe me when I say I’m sceptical to hear about some new “talent” that has emerged from this village country.

Revoker, rising with the same PR crap as Bullet for My Valentine and other Welsh bands, have been touted as a Welsh Metal revolution in the making, being apparently one of the best Metal bands to arrive in the last year. At least that’s the sort of stuff I’ve read elsewhere.

Being an objective man, and with curiosity getting the best of me as Revoker signed to Roadrunner Records for their debut and have received a fair bit of hype, I figured I’d check out debut Revenge for the Ruthless. Make the jump for the review.


Review: Nephrolith – Xullux

We’ve recently been contacted by Nephrolith in hopes for us to review their debut album Xullux. Well, even thought we took our time, because we’re lazy busy bastards, here it finally is.

First off, a little about the band though. Nephrolith are a Slovenian Black Metal (as if the picture above didn’t give away enough already) band who recorded a demo, called Vinsketh, in 2009 and just recently released their debut album Xullux.

Now you know as much about the band as I know. Make the jump to read my review of Xullux.


Reviews: Silent Fall / Emerald Sun

Pitch Black Records is a metal label that originate from Cyprus. They were really kind enough to mail me albums to review for the site. Pitch Black Records are a fairy new label (formed in 2007), so currently they have signed traditional/epic/power metal bands.  However, they are also very open minded to other genres, including death metal, rock, doom, hardcore, electronic, etc.

Anyway, if you’re interested to see what I say about the latest albums from Silent Fall and Emerald Sun, then make the jump!


Review: Basick Records sampler

Djent happens to be the ‘in’ thing right now (and I’m also getting déjà vu, because I’ve said this countless times before), and it seems that Basick Records are flying the flag for this movement, being home to a large array of Technical Metal and djent inspired artists. The label are currently offering a free sample album, which you can download for free here, so I figured I’d check it out and offer my thoughts on the download.

The sample contains 10 songs, by 10 different bands. I’ve heard of about 5 of them before, but the other half are all new to me. The download comes in a default format of MP3 at 320 kbps, so you’re getting fairly decent quality here. Make the jump for the review.


Review: Death Comes Pale – Through Carrion Eyes

Death Comes Pale’s bassist Anders contacted a couple of days ago and asked if we wanted to review their EP Through Carrion Eyes. Sure, we do. The first thing I noticed when I looked through the press material, was that I have the same Bloodbath shirt, the guy in the middle above wears. High-five!

Before I review the EP, let me tell you that you can listen to the entire EP on DCP’s homepage. Come on, free shit. Who can resist free shit?

Now make the jump for me review of Through Carrion Eyes.

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