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Blast From The Past: Judas Priest – Rocka Rolla

As a huge metal fan, I am surely a huge Judas Priest fan. Well the two are synonymous after all, because JP are in fact one of the very founders or our genre and not all metalheads today realize just how much they owe to Priest for their favorite bands sound!

It may have been Black Sabbath who introduced the world to dark / doom metal, but It was Judas Priest who were the first mainstream act to have the “Heavy” guitar double attack, they were the first along with Motörhead to bring the biker image to metal with the leathers and Rob’s Harley becoming a stage mascot. So even if you have never really gotten into this band, its well worth giving them a try and at least having something of theirs in your collection, because without them, there would simply not be the sounds that we know and love today and they have done some great songs through the decades.


Live Review: Rammstein 11-08-2011

Rammstein Live in Zagreb 2011

It’s not every day I get to write an article like this, so it gives me much pleasure to be the one to bring it to you. Fresh off the start of their Made in Germany 1995-2011 tour, I give you a review of Rammstein‘s latest tour offering.

What’s it like? Actually, here’s the thing: if you’re planning on seeing them on this tour, I’d say the best option is not to read this or any other reviews or watch any clips, because you’ll be spoiling much of the show. In case you don’t care, well, by all means make the jump!


Dose of Krisiun

What with Guido’s excellent Death Metal onslaught stomping on our eyeballs this week, I think now is as good a time as any to review Krisiun‘s new magnum opus – The Great Execution.

Even though executed superbly, is it possible for a death metal album to have too many slow tracks? Yes it is. Does The Great Execution have too many slow tracks? No. But if the fence were any narrower opinion wouldn’t be able to straddle it.

So is it any good? Yep it’s excellent, in my humble opinion, if you like death metal there is no reason why you won’t like this, although to be fair in a couple of places it’s more metal than death metal — but the Kolesne brothers are playing with such conviction it’s hard not to be swept away.

I dunno if different releases will contain different content but track 11 on my copy is a re-recording of ‘Black Force Domain’ from their first album released back in ’95. Personally I liked the original fine as it was but there’s nothing wrong with this re-recording either.

Excellent going to work sitting on the bus/tube music, and certainly worth 4.5 skulls out of 5.


Blast from the Past: Machine Head – Supercharger

Yep, that’s right. I’m going there. Seen by many as the ‘black sheep’ of Machine Head‘s discography, and part of a period in the band’s history that fans largely like to pretend merely did not exist. Supercharger isn’t the most popular of albums and was viewed by some critics as being a further divergence from “real metal”, instead having more than a nibble on the nipples of nu-metal. Dammit Machine Head, you shouldn’t have stared into the eyes of Medusa!

Regardless, earlier this month, Supercharger turned 10-years-old. That’s right, it’s the tenth anniversary and what better time is it, to review the most controversial of Machine Head‘s releases (well, besides The Burning Red maybe)?

Make the jump fuckers before I get all bulldozer on your ass. It’s Supercharger time y’all.


Review: Machine Head – Locust Vinyl (Metal Hammer)

Today sees the release of  the new issue of Metal Hammer magazine in the UK. The magazine is celebrating 25 years “of keeping it heavy” making this issue a very special edition. No, I’m not on Metal Hammer’s payroll, nor am I receiving commission for advertising the magazine, but as someone who was brought into the digital age kicking and screaming, the “free” Machine Head vinyl really does appeal to me. For years people, friends and lovers, have mocked me for clinging so tightly to CDs under their own misguided delusions that “MP3s are better”. Now I get to enjoy the sweet analogue sounds of Machine ‘fucking’ Head on vinyl and I’m #winning as always.

Damn you Metal Hammer, you made me pick up your “fan pack” magazine in order to get a physical copy of Unto the Locust (fuck digital copies), and now you’ve tricked me into buying your 25th anniversary special. Ah well, so I guess it’s time for me to clean the dust off my (*cough* dad’s) record player and blast some Machine Head goodness.

Machine Head – Locust vinyl (Metal Hammer 25th anniversary exclusive)

1. Locust (Album Version)
2. Beautiful Mourning (Live)
3. Bite The Bullet (Live)

Side A begins with the song ‘Locust’ taken from the band’s latest masterpiece, Unto the Locust. Those that heard the early ‘advance mix’ were no doubt disappointed with the track (I know I was), but the final album version kicked ass with a better mix and within the context of the album. Now imagine what it sounds like on vinyl and with huge Wharfedale professional speakers. The bass destroys and song as whole sounds incredible. Although not the best track on the album (‘I Am Hell’ could have really benefited from the vinyl treatment), it still makes for a great start to the record.

Side B contains the two live tracks. ‘Beautiful Mourning’ is a great track from The Blackening and a good choice since it doesn’t always get as much attention compared to other tracks on the album. The performance is flawless and makes for a phenomenal listening. It’s almost like the band are performing right in front of me. Each riff, each note, and each blast of the drum is played with complete precision. Final track ‘Bite the Bullet’ is also played brilliantly, but makes for quite an odd track choice. The song is far from being a favorite for me, but regardless, Machine Head are once again on fire.

Short, sweet, but definitely worthy of the £4.99 price. For more information on the magazine, click here.

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