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Hey guys!

Really sorry about the leave of absence from all of us here at DoM. I guess real life got in the way of things.

We don’t know whether we’ll continue writing for the site or not, so please hang tight and while we make a decision.





Open letter to concert editors

Dear editors,

I understand how hard it is to take raw footage and edit it into something beautiful and coherent — especially when it needs to be in time with the music. I really do understand, because although I am a metal messenger by night (read: blogging nerd), I am also a professional editor by day. I am not saying I’m necessarily better than you at this, nor am I trying to brag, I’m merely explaining how I know a thing or two about this activity.

There is, however, no reason to giving me a close-up of the drummer, whilst the lead guitarist is doing a solo. You see, each member of the band is important in his own right, so you don’t have to be unfair and focus on the singer more than you focus on the guitarist, for instance. Unless we’re talking about a solo artist and his live band, that is. But if we’re talking about a metal band, when the lead guitarist is doing a solo, I want to see him do that solo. As many shots of him playing the guitar as necessary.

When a solo is happening, fuck the singer, fuck the drummer. I want to see the solo being played. And here’s one of the many reasons:

A lot of people who listen to this type of music play instruments themselves. Chances are, if someone plays guitar and is watching an AC/DC dvd, for instance, he is interested in watching Angus Young do his thing. So when Angus is doing a solo, focus on that solo. Alternate between close-ups and full shots of him, do whatever you have to do to feel like you’re editing the concert, but don’t lose track of which instrument is the main focus at any given time.

Fans usually buy these DVDs, they want to see when the guitarist does his solo, when the vocalist does his trademark scream, when the drummer does a blast beat. Just put yourself in their position. This is the music they’re playing, what would I want to see if I was a big fan?

I think editors who work on concerts need to be familiar with the band they’re working on.

Make the jump, cause I’m not done yet. I’m gonna start giving examples of good edits versus bad edits. Ohh boy, I’m so excited! Feel these nipples.


SOPA – We asked for opinions

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a very controversial subject. We found that out when we asked 20 musicians, 3 artists, 1 band manager and 1 PR agent for their opinion on the matter, and only 6 of them finally sent us a statement.

We do understand that some people don’t want to comment on the bill though. Not everyone is going to understand and agree with what these people think. They are musicians after all, not average internet users. So their opinion on the matter might split their fanbase into two camps, and we can definitely understand why they don’t want to risk that.

With that being said, with this article we’re trying to give those people a chance to speak on the matter, since they would be affected by it in different ways than most people. Five musicians (including one who is also the director of an independent record label), one artist and finally the writers of this website speak out on the Stop Online Piracy Act and piracy in general right after the jump.

Now, why would our opinion really matter? Dose of Metal and other similar music blogs rely heavily on Youtube and PR agencies distributing music for promotion purposes through one-click hosts. Without that, this site would barely be able to exist in its current form.

Musicians and other artists would face an even bigger challenge, if this bill went through. Just think of all the internet promotion they couldn’t count on anymore.

Keep all that in mind when you’re reading the rest of this story after the jump.


Back when they were still good: Children Of Bodom

Okay, I will admit the title of my rant may be a little bit misleading. Why you ask? Well, to be perfectly honest, I still enjoy the most recent outings to this day from Children Of Bodom. The thing is, from 1999 until about 2003, Children Of Bodom were once a really, really great band. Possibly one of the best around that time frame (when it came to the mainstream metal scene).  

Children Of Bodom were at their absolute peak with their sophomore release, Hatebreeder. The album is flawless from start to finish, with awesome catchy hooks, crushing monstrous riffs and a unique sound. It was great seeing a melodic death album in 1999 not sounding like something from At The Gates .

My personal favorite song on Hatebreeder is right above this post, so go give it a listen! Okay? Cool.


SOPA & PIPA: From a metalhead’s perspective

We are right in the heat of talks over and over on the topic of Internet copyright infringement and the full weight of the US government, being thrown down on any entity who wishes to even come close to making it possible for someone to download protected intellectual property without permission from the music / software / entertainment industries.

But here is the big question, from my point of view (a metalhead’s position): How does this all affect me and what are the implications for the future of Heavy Metal under this ruling, should it get passed into full effect?

Right now the focus is on the innocent file-sharers who are not pirates, they face hardships ahead. But there is also some focus on the fact that this is seen as a breach on the freedoms of the citizens of the world. A malign against the WWW generation who wants “free” to be the salient of the day.

I read a few days ago how the government has already leaped into action and seized $millions in what it stated were illegal sales of protected material. From the news it seemed that this was valid and criminals had been brought to justice in that case. So no doubt there is some genuine applications for such an act, to try remove the scourge of thieves who seek to undermine honest companies who bring us our entertainment.

One of the biggest issues I see with the music industry though, is not just so much the piracy or giving away / sharing of licenced material, but the listeners view of value of said music. I heard that there was a recent pole which showed most young people felt that music should be free and they place no financial value on it. Of course this is not true for everyone, but many young people do feel that way, ask them and you find many download music free of charge, which legally should have been paid for. I do agree with David Draiman’s comments, when he said that many fans make up for it through buying merch and attending shows, but he also said that due to the labels taking larger percentages of such revenues now, it would be fair if the artists took a nominal fee for some music downloads and I see that he has a point.

While I also read on another site, how Duff McKagen feels that PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) are valid methods of preserving the arts and maintaining viability of the entertainment industry. Or at least that is how I understood his view. He felt that the global online community did not come to the rescue of the music business when it saw circa 50% of its business disappear due to illegal downloads. In my opinion, there is some sense to this, but I don’t think that its the responsibility of the general public to look out for the interests of big business. If their copyright is being infringed upon, they can handle it with all their $ and lawyers. But when the rights of the world come into question, our very freedoms, in order to make corporations richer, then that offends me.

Sorry Duff, you’re cool but you;re a rich rock star. Us mere mortals are more worried about freedom of information and less about royalties for artists, many of which actually earn more than most people. For those who are not rich and have to struggle, I feel most of them are likely better artists for it and if they keep at it with determination, they will make it, unless they don’t have the talent in the first place. For me, there are way too many people looking for overnight success, they would rather go on American Idol than work hard on the circuit and earn their chops and fan-base through some sweat and grit. That is why most American Idol winners are one hit wonders.

As a true blue metal fan, I try to be honest, look at the big picture and see where this is going. I have paid for countless concert tickets, albums, T-shirts etc. I buy magazines and DVD’s. I spend a large portion of my disposable income on the Heavy Metal industry, because if people like myself did not do this, there simply would not be an industry and we would lose many of the bands we love, as they would be forced to spend time earning money in another sector. We live in a capitalist monetary society, unless that changes, bands will need an income and so we need to either provide that as the fans and beneficiaries of their trade, or we need to accept the decline of our music and identity.

We have for the first time in a decade, seen the Pop genre outsell the Rock genre in album sales. This is because of such things as illegal file sharing and not because Pop is better or even that its fans buy more music. On the contrary, metal fans in particular tend to buy albums for its art work and collection, where most pop fans stick to downloading singles for the most part.

I pride myself with owning my Metal CD collection, I love the album art, the sleeves with the photo’s and lyrics sheets. I enjoy the purchase and the delivery. I feel good when I walk into a high street store and come out with a new CD. I like when I see a new album come through the post. It’s exciting for me as a fan. Back when I was a kid, CD’s cost way more, double in fact what they do now. I simply do not understand why a true fan would not wish to contribute to the success of their favourite groups and support our scene.

No doubt austerity is not helping, but this is a situation that has been getting worse since before the recession hit. We have to acknowledge that SOPA and PIPA are not the solution, but we do need one.

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