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Maiden beer sells… But who’s buying?


I tried AC/DC beer and I wasn’t a huge fan. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but as a beer pro, imported Heineken from Amsterdam or an Austrian beer called Ottakringer is my poison of choice.

However, as a Maiden fan and an alcoholic, I really want to try this beer. I have yet to see it in stores though, but apparently it’s doing quite good in other places…

According to The Morning Advertiser, Trooper (that’s what the beer is called, yo!) has sold over 3.5 million pints without any promotion whatsoever from Robinsons, the company brewing it.

Well, duh. Iron Maiden is one of the most popular heavy metal bands of all time, and they have a hugely recognizable name. You can bet a lot of metalheads and dumbasses pretending to be metalheads have bought that beer just because of their name.

Try selling a Trivium beer without promotion, see where that gets ya.

White men came, across the sea
They brought us beer, for our misery…

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Fieldy has a target on his face


Call me a metal elitist, but I’ve been fantasizing more about hitting nu-metal musicians in the face than about Pamela Anderson after first watching her porn tape as a teenager. And trust me, I loved that video.

So when I see my man Fieldy of KoRn sporting a huge fucking X on his cheek, I can’t help but think I’d like to hit that. With a fist. While wearing brass knuckles.

I know, some of you superstitious assholes out there might point out that it’s actually a cross. But I see a target.

I got that image from an interview which you can watch after the jump, in case you want to hear two ambiguously white dudes pretending to be black.


Wayne Static needs a new look


You know, all men want to be taller, but Wayne Static puts the ‘complex’ in Napoleon Complex, because that motherfucker’s hairdo is so meticulously done, I sometimes wonder how many gallons of hair product he uses daily. I wonder if anyone told him that having a 6 inch tall hairdo doesn’t make you 6 inch taller.

However, nowadays Wayne’s hairdo isn’t looking too impressive. I don’t want to use the b-word, but let’s just say that what was once a thick black forest, is now a bunch of scarce trees in a deserted part of Louisiana. He’s Devin Townsending so fast, it’s almost sad looking at him.

Wayne, it doesn’t look like hair anymore. It looks like a bunch of random spikes poking out of your scalp. You might want to consider the Anselmo look. If you weren’t fooling anyone before with your extra hair inches, now the illusion is really failing.

Watch this interview with him and see that mess in action.


Metal All Stars? Yes please!


Yeah baby! I’m back here to tell you that I’ll be attending one of the ‘Metal All Stars’ gigs because it’s been my dream to hear a Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar and this seems like the next best thing as Phil and Zakk will perform some legendary Pantera tracks together.

I know I haven’t posted much lately but the possibility of hearing “Cemetary Gates” live has brought me back from retirement.

Also part of this gig: Max Cavalera, Joey Belladonna, Nick Menza, Udo, Ross The Boss and others…

It’s two months from now but I’m excited already. Poster, tour dates and press release after the jump.


Rob Halford and the Hall of Fame


Would Rob Halford like to be in the ‘Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’? No… He’d LOVE to. Proof:

“I would love to be in the Hall Of Fame.” – Rob Halford

Full interview here.

I’m not one of those guys who criticizes award shows or other ceremonies for giving or not giving awards or honors. But let’s just say there are a lot of bands in the Hall of Fame that don’t deserve to be there before Priest.

Not that it matters too much, I don’t think you have anything to gain by being there, but a lot of people see it as a rite of passage of sorts so why not?


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