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New Metallica song!


This isn’t 1988, and yet Metallica released a new song. If you’re like me and you love 80s Metallica, you’re probably not too excited. But still, there’s always one part of you that wishes the guys would snap out of it and get back to full on thrash metal.

Well, they played a new song in Colombia. It’s called “The Lords of Summer” and this is what it sounds like:


I’m not gonna comment on it until I hear a better, cleaner version. Although judging by Death Magnetic’s production quality, that may never happen. Still, can’t comment on an unfinished song that might not even make it on the final cut. I’ll just say that the opening riff sounds very promising, but the rest of the song doesn’t.


Behind the artwork, part 2


Let’s see what’s behind another classic metal cover, this time it’s the flagship thrash album Master of Puppets.

Not really as exciting as the Maiden one, but still very creative. Props to whoever did this. Bigger version here.

Source: And Justice For Art.


Metallica encourages copyright infringement


Metallica is known for two things. One: being one of the world’s biggest bands and two: Being the guys who sued Napster.

The problem with the PR fiasco that was the Napster lawsuit was that Metallica got way more shit for it than they deserved. While all the ‘selling out’ criticism is based on a lot of truth, the whole ‘Metallica sued their fans’ crap is just nonsense. There’s nothing worse than being accused of things you never did, and that’s exactly what Metallica got out of that whole ordeal, which begs the question: Was it worth it? — Personally, I don’t think so.

Lars did a Reddit IAmA recently and a lot of questions and trolling posts revolved around Napster, suing fans, etc… Lars did his best to be upfront and honest about it, but it didn’t help. 14 years later, a lot of people still think Metallica sued their fans, which means they’ll never escape that stupid lie. They’ll always be labeled by some as the guys who will sue you if you don’t buy their shit. It’s not exactly true though…

Which brings me to today’s point. Metallica actually did something nice for a few fans which goes against the whole ‘suing’ thing, and nobody really noticed it. Nobody ever will. People only notice when celebrities fuck up. It makes them feel better about themselves. When they do nice things, nobody gives a shit.

An Italian YouTube channel called Milanica is known for uploading various Metallica bootlegs and live clips. It has tons of views and tons of subscribers, and a few days ago it got shut down by YouTube.

What did Metallica do? They fixed it. And they contacted the guys to tell them they fixed it. I think that’s pretty nice. It’s something they didn’t have to do, but they did. Why doesn’t that get out? Why doesn’t that generate rumors? Because nobody cares if a musician does something nice.

People like to point fingers, judge, laugh, and basically pat themselves on the back. And while that’s essentially exactly what I’m doing on Dose Of Metal, I’m just realizing that I’m no better than any of you. FUCK!



Ozzy’s house has fallen down, fallen down


Wash away us all!
Take us with the floods!

When playing a game of cat and mouse with Mother Nature, you never win.

Dose Of Metal exclusively reports that Blabbermouth has an article which says The Pulse Of Radio wrote something about a flood destroying Ozzy’s mansion:

Ozzy Osbourne‘s mansion in Buckinghamshire, England has been ruined by flooding during one of the U.K.’s rainiest winters ever. According to the Mirror, the house, which sits on a seven-acre estate, is located in one of the hardest hit areas of the country and now needs more than half a million dollars worth of repairs.

Ozzy’s wife and manager Sharon said the building was “destroyed,” while Ozzy added, “It’s been completely flooded. The rain has battered down the walls and seeped through everything. There is water everywhere… We can’t even go about getting it fixed because apparently it’s going to take nine months to dry out. The place is ruined.”

When asked whether he’ll ever add the sound of rain again in a studio recording, Ozzy said something unintelligible which we took as a no.



Cristina Scabbia is not a model!


I’ve heard many people describing (in full explicit details, mind you) what they’d do to Lacuna Coil singer Cristina Scabbia, if given the chance. I don’t blame them, but they haven’t considered the one problem: They’d also have to listen to her band. Are they prepared to make that compromise? Are they prepared to be subjected to such painful ear pain just for a piece of tail?

Anyway, Cristina herself seems pretty modest about her looks, in spite of many metalheads drooling over her like Mike Shinoda drools over an OS X update.

“This thing about the hottest chick, it’s been following me around since 2007. That’s when I was on the cover of Revolver for the first time. In one way it’s frustrating, because I’m still a singer, I’m not a model … but I can’t deny it’s flattering. It’s not a bad thing that they consider you a good looking woman. … A lot of people stay there all the time, but when they hear me singing, the problem goes away.”


Full article here.

Hmm, I wonder what made people talk about Cristina’s “hotness.” Could it be pictures like this? Nah, unlikely.

There’s no denying it though: She is a pretty good looking chick, even without makeup, as demonstrated by the photo above. Yes, I took it one morning and yes, we’re together.

Some player-hating jealous fucks might call me a liar and say that it’s simply a photo I took from her Instagram, but don’t believe all the internet conspiracy nuts. She is my girlfriend and I don’t care if you don’t believe me! I don’t have anything to prove to you. Shut up!

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