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Friday Top 10: Biggest concert riots

Keeping up with our theme for the week, we’re covering all things riots and looting. Luckily, we have a first hand look at the situation via Mark, who’s been doing some serious investigative journalism, which will hopefully bring us a Pulitzer, the ultimate goal of the people involved in this website.

Now, while Mark is busy on the frontlines fighting looters and making viral videos out of it (get ready for the premiere next week when we make a Top 10: Metal objects to crack skulls with), I took inspiration from the Tuesday Trivia I made this week to extend the subject matter into a Top 10. Get ready for Top 10 rock and metal concert riot moments we’re glad we were too young or too broke to go to.


Friday Top 26: Heavy Metal Alphabet

We’ve done so many Top 10’s already, but this time we’ve decided to top it all with a Top 26. 26? There was something with 26, right? You got it! The Latin alphabet, that is used in most countries on this planet, has 26 letters.

So what are we going to do with these 26 letters? Well, every band has a bandname, and every bandname consists of letters. Can you follow me so far? We’re going to list the best band for each letter of the Latin alphabet (including their best song and album).

Ain’t that cool, now? It sure is. Make the jump for 26 letters and 26 ear-shattering Metal bands!


Friday Top 10: Best Machine Head songs

First thing’s first, let me tell you something: Compiling this list has been an absolute shitcunt. I’m pretty sure I may have just offended more than a few people with that language, but hey, if you’re reading Dose of Metal you’ve probably come to expect poor language and poor writing. If you are offended, you may just want to remove that sand from your vagina before it starts to itch too much. That’s a number one health tip from Doctor Mark (I’m not really a doctor though, I’m barely even a person, so please don’t sue me).

But back to business, as I was saying, writing this week’s Top 10 has been pretty damn hard. Apart from my inability to construct a concise sentence (number one tip BTW, don’t begin a sentence with the word ‘but’) and put those things together that form words (letters maybe?), I’ve also struggled to keep this list to just 10 songs. Machine Head have a lot of kick ass, awesome tracks that really should have made the cut, but I simply couldn’t include due to having to fit it into one Top 10 list.

So anyways, make the jump, read the Top 10 and then go bitch about what an idiot I am for failing to mention [insert song] from [insert album] that “sooooo should have made the list!”


Friday Top 10 : Best Soundgarden songs

If you were born anywhere in between 1975 and 1985, chances are you grew up in the 90s listening to Soundgarden.

Soundgarden formed in the 1980s and started gaining success with their third studio album, Badmotorfinger, an album where many (myself included) think it was them as their peak. It was the perfect mix of rock, grunge and metal — all packed into one and Chris Cornell at the time was possibly one of the best vocalists around. However, it wasn’t until 1994 that they became a household name. You coudn’t turn on a modern rock station without hearing ‘Spoonman’ or ‘Black Hole Sun.’

1997 was the year in which Soundgarden broke up. I was young and unfortunately never thought I’d get the chance to see them. I never imagined, in my wildest dreams, that they would return, but obviously in 2010 they announced that they were back. I felt like an excited 14 year old all over again and I was fortune enough to see them live a couple of weeks ago.

I recently just finished composing a Soundgarden top 10 list. Oh yeah, feel free to tell me that I missed out on certain tracks or that certain songs should be higher or lower. It might not of been as hard as an Iron Maiden top 10, but it was still quite a challenge.

Make the jump for the top 10 Soundgarden songs ever!


Friday Top 10: Notorious acts

It’s a late Friday evening, which means whilst everyone else is out either getting laid or getting drunk, I’m once again stuck inside, writing for Dose of Metal and publishing this week’s Friday Top 10.

Metal as a genre is undoubtedly one that is full of controversies, stories of self-mutilation, murder, drugs and religious intolerance. Sure, these are often unjustified criticisms directed at the genre by conservative morons, and I am by no means trying to play into these idiots’ hands, but the purpose of this Top 10 is going to revel in some of the “edgier” sides of Metal.

So if you’re interested in reading about some of the more controversial, notorious and outrageous Rock and Metal acts, then just make the motherfucking jump.

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