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Weekly Dose of Metal: Edge of Sanity

Opeth fans, you need to check out Edge of Sanity, if you haven’t already.

Edge of Sanity was a Swedish Progressive Death Metal band, a lot of like Opeth. The band released the, now classic, Purgatory Afterglow album back in 1994 and it broke a lot of barriers in the Death Metal genre.

Album opener ‘Twilight’ may start like something camper than a Backstreet Boys song, but stay with it, I promise it will kick your ass. Seriously though, the song is brilliant, and the introduction much like the work of Opeth, with a very prominent Pink Floyd influence.

Yeah, but enough chitter-shatter, check out the song below, or I’ll eat your mom out.


Weekly Dose of Metal: The Seventh Cross

This week we’ve got another awesome dose of Metal for you. Dose of Metal, providing you with awesome Metal since … erm 2010. But hey, we’re still growing each day, much like my penis.

So this week we have a band called The Seventh Cross for you. They rose quickly in the mid 00’s, before signing to Candlelight Records. Their debut album Scorched by The Flames of Vengeance was released back in 2006, shortly before the band disbanded.

The Seventh Cross are a cross between Melodic Death Metal and Deathcore. Or maybe I’m just talking shit as usual. You can listen to ‘A Demon’s March’ below and make your own minds up.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Callisto

Callisto are awesome, they’re like a hybrid of Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Esotetic and sex – my four favorite things in that order.

The band formed in 2001 in Finland, and started off as more of a Hardcore/Metalcore kind of band (well according to Wikipedia, I haven’t heard/seen any evidence of that), but it wasn’t long before they moved onto more Doom, Progressive and experimental flavors of Metal.

Your Weekly Dose of Metal this week is a song from Callisto‘s first album, True Nature Unfolds, called ‘Worlds Collide’. The song starts off sounding a lot like the kind of work Cult of Luna produced on their Salvation album, but overall the song different enough to set Callisto apart from their contemporaries.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Blood Red Throne

They’re made of blood, they’re red and they’re… a throne? Yeah it’s fucking Blood Red Throne, the Death Metal masterminds hailing from Norway. Wondering why you should check them out? (besides the fact I’M telling you to) You should check them out, because, besides being badass and one of the best modern Death Metal bands, but also because the band feature Tchort (of Emperor and Green Carnation, as well as a host of other brilliant bands) on guitar, who is pretty much a God.

Blood Red Throne are full of meaty grooves that put the grooves of my penis to shame. Just one listen of this band will leave your ears bloody and your mind battered, and I mean that in a good way.

The song ‘Deliberate Carnage’ taken from 2005’s Altered Genesis can be heard below.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower are awesome. Their last album Those Once Loyal is a nearly perfect, groovy Death Metal album. It’s so good that the band didn’t record a new album yet because they don’t feel like, what they’ve written is good enough to be better than Those Once Loyal.

That’s pretty much what every band should do. If the stuff you’re writting is not on par with your previous work, don’t release it. Metallica, take notes.

So anyhow, your Weekly Dose of Metal today is a song off Those Once Loyal (oh, what a surprise), called ‘Salvo.’ Play the song below and, while you’re in the right mood, feel free to check out my interview with Karl Willetts (Bolt Thrower vocalist) from last February.

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